To Skirt or Not To Skirt ...

Happy Monday! 
I've been dreaming of a new sofa for our family room.  
Right now it is truly existing only in my dreams. 

But while unpacking and shoving putting things away ... visions of pretty rooms have been dancing in my head!  And I am fixated on a new sofa.  Yes, you remember my old family room and the sofas that I was horrified by ... well, they didn't make the move.  

There are so many other pressing decisions that need to be made but I really want to know in my head ....

To Skirt ....



Not To Skirt ...

I happen to love the classic lines of the London Sofas from Duralee ... and am having a very difficult time with this seemingly simple decision ... 

Please weigh in ... To or Not To ... Skirt.

Oh ... and here's what I envision she'll be wearing ... 


Yes, this is a pillow ... I am on the hunt for this fabric.  
Wide. Wale. Navy. Corduroy.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



ORC and Link Up!

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a 
Blogging Design Star Extravaganza 
to begin!

One Week from today, Linda, of Calling It Home, and 20 designers, DIY'ers, Interior Lovers will kick off the next One Room Challenge.

Six weeks of 20 Designers changing up one room each in 6 weeks!  

I was fortunate enough to participate in the first 3 Challenges and heres what I was able to create ... 

Challenge 1:  Family Room for a young couple and their 3 daughters.

Challenge 2:  Transforming an unused room for a young family into a Keeping Room.

Challenge 3:  Creating an Office Space for me!

Let me just tell you the competition is fierce ... these participants know what they are doing and I am certain we are all going to have a ball watching them!

On October 2 Linda kicks off the official One Room Challenge.  And
On October 3 Linda invites anyone who wants to link up their own challenge to her blog can join in!  Find the details here. Take advantage of all the fun and talent and get a project done!  You will be glad you did!

I am Linking Up this year to take my Powder Room to a new level and hope to you'll join in as well as we all attempt to:

Make the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



House Tour ... the Family Room

When we moved into our Farm Road house in 2007 I had visions of a Mid-Century Modern Living Room.  You know, where you sit all pretty on a teal velvet tuxedo sofa and sip martinis with your friends sipping with you and conversing in a very interesting manner.

Here's what happened ... I'll fill you in on some of the pieces as we go ... 

Kantha Quilt.  Brimfield Find. Duralee Fabric on Windows and Pillows.

So the room sat virtually empty with only pieces of random furniture and a baby grand piano for about 2 years.

Sad, Before State ... 

Then it was Thanksgiving and we were going to be having Christmas at our house.  For two years we let the largest "living" room in the house sit unused. Stupid.

Don, the kids and I (bad grouping) went to a big box store and bought the deal of the day ... Sofa, Loveseat and a TV for $1999.00.

Yep, we did it, I was horrified and stomped through the store having my own pity party.

Art. Mike Elsass. Abstracts on Metal.

Fake, Faux, Leather Sofas.  Oversized and COMFY.  The kids couldn't be more thrilled.  Don was keeping us on a budget.  I complained that "I am an interior DECORATOR" We cannot have these in our homes.  Besides, we would be throwing them out in a year because they would fall apart and would be gross and he would be SORRY.

Note to my clients that have husbands' that won't give up the leather sectional.  I get it!  

Antique French Step Ladder.

Just because I didn't win the sofa debate ... I marched forward bringing in color and warmth in every other aspect that I could.  One day they will be gone (PLEASE) ... but I kind of like the way the room turned out!

The Faux Grouping has held up to popcorn, pizza, snacks, kids lounging in all manners and the room gets used.  While I am still on a mission to change the sofas, the room makes me smile.  

I even carved out my own little corner.

Chair, Brimfield Find.
Secretary, English Antiques, Atlanta.

This Secretary has served as an office, homework spot and all the school notebook paper, index cards, pencils etc have a nice place to live.  Thank the Lord!

Peacock Lamp. Brimfield Find. Antique Family Bibles.

The TV is over the fireplace and we NEVER use this fireplace ... so here's where I have a little fun changing up the look each season.

Brass Planter.  Estate Sale Find.

I believe we all have pieces of furniture that probably aren't our first pick.  But in this true "family" room ... we are all happy and I don't have a freak if anyone spills or puts their feet on the table.  

Real Life.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.