To Skirt or Not To Skirt ...

Happy Monday! 
I've been dreaming of a new sofa for our family room.  
Right now it is truly existing only in my dreams. 

But while unpacking and shoving putting things away ... visions of pretty rooms have been dancing in my head!  And I am fixated on a new sofa.  Yes, you remember my old family room and the sofas that I was horrified by ... well, they didn't make the move.  

There are so many other pressing decisions that need to be made but I really want to know in my head ....

To Skirt ....



Not To Skirt ...

I happen to love the classic lines of the London Sofas from Duralee ... and am having a very difficult time with this seemingly simple decision ... 

Please weigh in ... To or Not To ... Skirt.

Oh ... and here's what I envision she'll be wearing ... 


Yes, this is a pillow ... I am on the hunt for this fabric.  
Wide. Wale. Navy. Corduroy.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.