Warmth, charm, and functionality—Kim applies this thoughtful filter to all of her interior design projects. Her principle, creating purposeful and welcoming spaces, lives in many fine homes along the East Coast.

A home reflects the character and essence of those who live there.

Kim's upbringing shaped her aesthetic balance between rural simplicity and energetic urban living. With parents from Alabama and New York and a childhood growing up in Nashville, she loved the beauty of her father's small Southern hometown while exercising curiosity about her design-forward mother's roots in New York City. 

A graduate of Auburn University, Kim began her career in the hotel and resort business, traveling the country and later overseas. She experienced some of the finest hotels and resorts in the world firsthand and was influenced by their design and luxury. Studying the designers who created these public spaces, she immersed herself in their various styles to create her own approach.

In 2004, Kim found herself in Sherborn, Massachusetts, and immediately fell in love with her surroundings. The beautiful horse country, rolling hills, and old stone walls reminded her of Nashville— and she immediately felt at home. Once again in the country, but close enough to culturally energetic Boston, she founded Kim Macumber Interiors in 2005 and has been living her dream ever since.

Kim's work has been featured in The Boston Globe, New England Fine Living, Arts and Antiques of the South and Merrimack Valley Magazine.

"I have had so much fun decorating with Kim. With an incredible eye for detail, she took my living room from ordinary to spectacular. Kim has been an indispensable resource for many projects –everything from paint colors to backsplash tile to bathroom sconce placement. I couldn't have done it without her." 

- Amy D.

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kim. She is energetic, enthusiastic, and she works within your budget. She not only has a wonderful eye for detail and color, but she was also able to take to my rambling of ideas and then transform them into rooms that both my husband and I love."

- Liz P.