More Gold Diggin' ...

I'm not certain when I bought the Gold Spray Paint.  
But it was waiting for me on my Spray Paint Shelf in the garage.
I have a spray paint shelf.  Don't you?

And now.
I am a Gold Addict. 
Here's what is happening in my little vortex. 

When I moved my Dad to be closer to me last year, 
I happened to find a place for him right near a thrift shop. 
 Karma?  Perhaps.  
Good Stuff ... umm ... yes.

I found this table ... trust me it was gross.  I used a sweater I had on to carry it.
Before you think I am a freak, I am NOT a germaphobe.
In fact, my grandmother's statement,
A teaspoon of dirt a year is required to keep you healthy.
Yes, she believed this.
I might be in her corner.

So ... it takes a lot to make me squirm.

This blackness, it made me squirm.

I did it for you ... and me ... to show the potential!
Even the Glass was "smoked"

And then as I prep my home and mind for Fall.

A little Gold Action in my Family Room.

Because as much as I strive for simplicity.

I want more.

I want more.

And find happiness in Spray Painted Gold!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.