Family/Teenager Room ...

When I asked y'all several weeks ago what you would like to see or hear about on my Blog I got some great responses.  Thank you!!

One ... Show us Your Home!  

AAGHHH  ... it is so not ready, not perfect, but okay ... if you will look at the "work in progress" I will share.  So we have been on that adventure for the past several Mondays.  Thanks for keeping me On Task!

 Two ... Linda asked ... "Kim, what do you do about projects you work on, but they don't totally show your vision when they are done?"

Interesting ... this happens a lot!  Not that I don't like the spaces, or something is wrong with them. Sometimes my clients just need a push in the right direction, then they want to continue on in their own time and with their own vision.

This Project is a perfect example!

My client has a beautiful home, two great kids, two dogs and wanted a space for her kids to have friends over to hang out.  But not in the basement. And NOT in "her" room. 

So we came up with a plan based on Duralee's John Robshaw line of fabric. 
 Fresh, fun and pretty sturdy to hold up to teenage life.

She had a perfectly good chair and ottoman ... but tired fabric.  

We Amped up the Fabric ...  and look how HAPPY this Chair is!

I walk around with a key chain full of keys.  Mostly they belong to my clients.  The only key I carry of my own is to my car.  This house ... Forgot to get the key.  Chair delivery to the front porch.  Thank goodness it wasn't raining this day!!

We used the Coral John Robshaw Fabric ... 

on these Ballard Cubes to go under the table:

So while I am very pleased with what we did here,  I don't have a Whole Room to show you.  

I can show you the Plan.
I can show you Bits.
I can give you Ideas.

But ... I cannot give you the Room!

Kind of like Real Life.  Sometimes you just make an Appearance and Guide. 
 I honestly want to just stay and take over ... and do it all ... but I take a deep breath and enjoy that my client is happy and things are moving in the direction they want.

I think I might be a control freak.  But I try to keep it in check.

I then dream about the spaces I want to finish.  Anyone else have this problem??

Today IS a Finish Up project kind of day ... Hope your's is a good one and let me know how you feel about "partial" reveals!