Housekeeping and a quick trip to Bucknell ...

So in this world of technology we were without internet for four days. FOUR DAYS.

I now have to admit that I am addicted to my computer.  I find inspiration in it, work from it, find entertainment on it.  Good thing we went to visit Callie at Bucknell so the pain didn't seem so real for the first two days.

And on another computer/tech note.  When I switched from Blogger I now am having trouble responding to my commenters.  I LOVE my commenters. But it seems that I can only reply directly on my blog.  That means you have to come back to see if I responded.  That is a pain and I don't like it.  I am trying to find a solution.  My web designer recommends Disqus.  As I recall several bloggers using this in the past it is a pain as well.  If anyone has any recommendations I would be most appreciative.  I am a talker ... and I need to respond back to you ... help me!!

Friday night we watched Christopher play in a home football game ...  we didn't win but the boys played hard and no reason to hang their heads.  Saturday morning, up and at Dunkin's by 7 to prepare for our six and a half hour drive to Bucknell.  Lewisburg, PA ... it is a long and fairly uneventful drive.  Unless Don is driving ... we can stretch this baby into 10 hours no problem ... but it is WAY prettier and more fun!

Callie took us to breakfast Sunday morning at Ard's Farm.  By far one of the best places to dine and be entertained in Lewisburg!

I shared with you on IG my Chicken biscuit and gravy breakfast along with iced tea.  I was in food overload heaven!

Here ... you can shoot pumpkins out of a modern day cannon.  Yep.  Entertainment runs wild here!

So when we said goodby to our precious child, a mere 15 hours later ... we hit the road again Sunday morning and found ourselves in Milford, NY.  And after a nice little pub lunch (yes, we are still on a feeding frenzy) and a cold beer ... we did a little antiquing!

Some of my finds ... updated version of the galvanized tray with iron handles.

 I loved, but didn't come back with, this round mirror.  A rustic round wooden frame with a slightly metallic inner rim that gave it just the glam up it needed!

We are evidently anticipating the return of the Polar Vortex this week ... but Color still abounds. 

This week ... things are poppin' hope they are in your world as well!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a time.