ORC Favorites!

Happy Friday!  So this week I have been happily and excitedly (drinking my wine and watching with pleasure) awaiting beautiful rooms to take shape.  The One Room Challenge orchestrated by Linda of Calling It Home.  I had the pleasure (pressure!) of participating in the first 3 ORC's and absolutely loved it!  You can click on my sidebar to see the rooms I did.  2 for Clients, 1 for me!

Linda's mantra ...

Making the World More Beautiful.  20 Rooms at a Time!

In no particular order these were my favorites this Fall  ... I hope you pop over to see the full reveal. These bloggers/designers/stylers/amazing women will inspire you ... only 6 weeks.  You can do this too, yes. you. can.

Here's my little round up!


Design Indulgence

Truly everyone knocked it out of the park.  But these four resonated with me ... 

Here's why ... 


(Make it your own.  You Be You.)


(I love the pattern/color play.)


(Go Big or Go Home!)

Color / Neutral

(Own It.  Whichever you Choose.)


(Life Giver!)

And I have to say ...


(Don't "throw up" everything you love in one space.  Give your eye a place to rest.)

Bravo Ladies!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.