Turtles in the Bath.

Bathrooms + Wallpaper = LOVE

I've been on a bathroom roll lately ... Seriously, I am working on five bathrooms at this moment.  All different, All fun and I am including Wallpaper in the majority of them.

I thought I'd share a one of my moodboards with you ... this one is almost done, so IRL photos coming soon!

The Bathroom is for a young boy, but will also serve as the guest bath when the family has visitors.  We used this Pottery Barn Vanity for inspiration for a custom cabinet we are having made larger and out of reclaimed pine with a light wax coating to keep it user friendly.

I've said this before ... and will continue to say this ...


Why?  You ask (again!?!?!) because it is so subjective and personal.  And could be pricey OR cheap.  You either get art or you don't.  And that is not a reprimand ... art is priority to some and not to others.  So I try to bring in something kind of fun and fresh in the beginning.  Key being, I do try to be creative and not just pick up something off the shelf.

At the very least let's be "original"!

The Granite and tiles will keep the feeling warm and adding the pop of White in the IKEA frame will break the space and keep it fresh.  The granite and vessel sink will be installed this week and I cannot wait to show you the Real Life Version!

Have a Happy Weekend!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.