Red. Stop One on the Rainbow.


The Color of Love.  No wonder Red is the first color of the Rainbow.  Evoking emotions of passion, willpower, sexuality ... and also rage, anger and aggression.  Red is emotionally intense ... in one direction or the other! 

I tend to want to change room colors alot because I love the experiment in it all ... but if you find yourself really looking to change a color in your home, listen carefully to yourself.  You may need a mood change.  The Red Room above was one of my favorites and was such a comforting and cozy room to retire to each evening.  However, some people under alot of stress or easily agitated may not find this same solace.  Each stage in our lives bring different emotional needs.  Do you ever wonder why little girls LOVE pink rooms and then as they approach their tween age they want something different. It is not just because they are fickle!!  At that age, generally, emotions run high and Pink begins to become a little irritating and no longer happy and restful. 


Balance is also key ... this room is completely wrapped in Red, but the furnishings are neutral and full of texture.   Gold on the ceiling brings warmth, evoking the feel of sunshine and sheer JOY!

So next time you want to change a color of a room, ask yourself not only the "use" of the room, but how do you want it to make you "feel".  And don't be surprised if this changes over time!

Design is not just about making beautiful spaces ... more importantly it is about creating a "well" space for you and your family for health and happiness.



That is what Fall feels like to me ... As much as I craved summer after last winter completely overstayed it's welcome ... I am ready for a refresh.  Fall ... the crispness in the air, back to school means getting things a little more organized to tackle new projects or subjects, and truly, a relief from the heat ... All add up to a fresh new attitude for me!

One little "Refresh" that did get completed this Summer was a splash of color and warmth to this kitchen!

Here is a before photo ... truly starting with great bones ... just needed a POP!

Just a simple update really ... with beautiful Quadrille Fabric and a trim from Kravet.  Makes this kitchen sing!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.


Family Room Update ... Done. Sort of.

I whispered to Don a couple of weeks ago .... "don't commit me to this ... but I think the family room is done."

To which he gave me a sideways eyeball look ... and I responded, "just sayin' ... I AM JUST SAYIN'!"

So ... while I have already made TWO changes ... small changes, but still changes ... here is where we are (or were) when I had Emily O'Brien photograph.

Room 3 in #ProjectDownSize is Done.  mmhmmm.


I am going to break this room down for you in my next post.  Memories, Finds, Friends, History, Thrifting, Passion and Desire ... Life Makes a Home.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time