Monday Morning Push!

Happy Monday and Thanks for hanging in with me!   ... the past few days have been kind of a whirlwind with family and Easter and wrapping up a couple of projects ... trying to get the finishing touches on.  

I have been a horrible blog friend and haven't checked in on my favorites ... I am going to be busy catching up this week ... I know I have missed alot of creativity going on!

The Monday Morning Push is to wrap up a few projects.

So today, I am shopping to finish up an office space ... I showed you the Raw Space here.  

This week the office Goes To Work!

Details like this ... 

Spray Paint Is Coming out for some vase and dog transformation!

Texture and height for Bookshelves.

More Color and Punch.

This space wraps up today ... and I will bring you the full Before and After later this week!!

Then back at the home front.  Remember this?  Yep, my inspiration fabric and tile for my powder room.

I think this was over a year ago as well.  So it has changed!
I will always love this Quadrille pattern, and tried to order it in wallpaper.  Then I decided on Shrimp!
It is available, but only on a special order ... which costs more.  And when you order a special RUN, you have to have a minimum number of rolls.  I can justify alot of things.  But I just couldn't justify the cost involved for this little room.

So ... Plumber came, Toilet and sink are OUT for prepping walls and new floor!

Remnants of the past hiding behind the toilet!  I'll keep the new wallpaper a surprise (being hung on Tuesday!!).

Statuary White Marble Floor with Platinum Grout.  I am loving it.  I pass by and peek in.  Then have to run upstairs to actually use a bathroom. 

Because, here is my Toilet!!

In the Family Room, in front of the fireplace and showing you my lanterns with Christmas balls still inside.  I just thought they were still adding a little sparkle.  I will remove them when the toilet goes!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter ... and if you don't celebrate I hope you enjoyed the Sunshine and birth of Springtime.  We head to the "Pond" in town every Easter for a Sunrise Service.  It is early ... but such a treat ...

Here's to tying up loose ends this week!  I feel pretty energized and ready to go as the weekend was full of Sunshine and Family celebration!



Wall Texture ... With Brett!

Happy Monday Everyone ... I trust most of you have made it through the BLIZZARD!!  We were very fortunate to NOT lose power, but many were not so lucky.  I hope everyone gets back to normal very soon! While My family was enjoying the Snow this weekend ... 

All that White had me thinking about Color and Wallpaper.

My ORC was HEAVY on my mind this weekend.  Some Decisions need to be made. I most likely will not Take my walls up to this Fabulousness ... but it sure would be fun!

We all know I Love a Good Leopard.  And this Baby comes Quilted!

The Year of the Snake ... Could I go Pink?

Or Perhaps Lavender?

Or Shagreen?
Wallpaper makes some people a little nervous.  It seems like a Tremendous Commitment.  And those of us who love Design ... seem to have a Hard time Committing!

My Suggestion ... Find the smallest space in your house, like a Powder Room, or a Hallway and Go For IT.  Then I promise it will make you SMILE!!

All Papers Courtesy of Brett!

What space have you Punched Up lately?



Settling In ...

This weekend went by in a flash ... the boxes from the attic were unloaded and Christmas began to take shape in our home.  Saturday night I was able to sit and relax and catch up on some of my design magazines ... and I ran across these ...

I am feeling the love for Wallpaper right now.  It is back in full FORCE!  And I can see why.  The Complete antithesis of the minimalistic, monochromatic room.  Are you feeling this? Or Still wanting the Serene?

I love the room, the colors, the pattern and the lamps!  And then I REALLY looked at the room.  Do you see the coffee table?  It has a BOX CUSHION as it 's top!!  A true Table Ottoman right here!!


More color and pattern.  I love the symmetry of the design style ... which totally SETTLES the pattern mix.  Fantastic!!

Finding the peace in Chaos ... hope you are finding yours!