House of Honey ... South Bay Living

I find as I grow in my design business that I appreciate so many different styles.  I truly love them all.  While I typically consider myself "traditional/eclectic" I see the beauty in each and every Genre of Design ... and can find a love of many looks.

Not only what I am exposed to on a daily basis, but the fact that I had the opportunity to live on the West Coast gives me an "other coast" perspective ... which I love!

1st Dibs introduced me to Tamara Kaye-Honey and I was thrilled to look into her portfolio and found she updated a beach house in Hermosa Beach.  What struck me is that I was so familiar with the structural design of this space.  I lived in Redondo Beach for five years and was so intrigued by the architecture.  Very different than what I had grown up with in the South.  This was my first real world venture!

Apple Green Leather Banquette ... luscious!!   Now I will tell you, and please don't be offended Tamara, I am not a fan of all these horse heads that are out and about right now.  They remind me of the "GodFather" I just cannot move on.

This reminds me of this chest that Barbara did ... for the ORC!

 Back to House of Honey!

The Wallpaper Feature is stunning!  And just note the skin on the floor mixed with the wrought iron railings.  I would probably have recommended to rip them out.  Instead they are a focal point of this design.  I would have been wrong ... I am liking it.

Ikat on a Red Chair ... need I say more?

Thank you Tamara!