Settling In ...

This weekend went by in a flash ... the boxes from the attic were unloaded and Christmas began to take shape in our home.  Saturday night I was able to sit and relax and catch up on some of my design magazines ... and I ran across these ...

I am feeling the love for Wallpaper right now.  It is back in full FORCE!  And I can see why.  The Complete antithesis of the minimalistic, monochromatic room.  Are you feeling this? Or Still wanting the Serene?

I love the room, the colors, the pattern and the lamps!  And then I REALLY looked at the room.  Do you see the coffee table?  It has a BOX CUSHION as it 's top!!  A true Table Ottoman right here!!


More color and pattern.  I love the symmetry of the design style ... which totally SETTLES the pattern mix.  Fantastic!!

Finding the peace in Chaos ... hope you are finding yours!