Cotton Pickin' Tuesday ...

 Significant for two reasons.  One, all day yesterday I couldn't keep straight that it was Monday not Tuesday.  Don's work schedule has been whacky and it has me totally screwed up as well.  

So ... here's the cotton pickin' part ... 

How lucky am I that I have a friend sweet enough to accept my weirdness and has enough spunk in herself to pick me some cotton!!

Part of what makes Fall for me is all the texture that nature gives.  Besides pumpkins, which I do love ... yes, even in their orange state!  I do love the white ones as well ... but let's not forget how I feel about orange.  I digress.

So Lynn travels this road almost daily as she heads to work.  
She has been giving me the scouting report.

Then, like all good crops ... picking time presented itself.  
She stopped, she picked, she packed and she delivered!

I have been delicately trying to get all the little "stuff" out of the cotton ... But then I poured myself a glass of wine.  Patience is not my strength. 
Guess I'll work on it a little more tonight! 

So when I say I have been pickin' cotton you'll know I am not telling a lie.  

I remember passing this "southern snow" in the fields driving to and from Auburn while I was in school.  It's truly amazing how the fields go on for what seems forever.

I know ... it still needs a little (LOT) of work ... but I knew you would appreciate it!

Oh yeah, and I picked these Montauk Daisies out of my garden last night ... supposed to get the kind of freeze this week that kills everything.  I might as well go ahead and enjoy them!

It's going to be a Real Tuesday ... all day!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Monday Motivation!

Good Monday Morning!  This weekend was full of Fall ... and as I am on a total mission to GSD ... I bring you photos from the weekend!

One of the first things Don and I did when we moved into our Farm Road house was build a stone entry.  These are my absolute favorite Pineapple Lanterns ... 

I wanted to make a stamp and the Pineapple represented Southern Hospitality for this classic New England Road!

Saturday night our Middle School had a fundraiser on the grounds of a beautiful Farm.

It was a wine tasting/silent auction ... 

I give huge applause for the families that worked so hard to put this on ... the decorations and the night were perfection!

Short and sweet ... Hitting the road early today!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Friday Snip-It's ... my Week via Instagram!

1.  My Grandmother had gourds like this hanging in her garden.  Love the vibe!
2.  Urban Outfitters Duvet ... Inspiration for a 14 year old's room.
3.  Dresser Inspiration for the same Cute Girl's room.
4.  My REAL mirror for the Powder Room ... Yes I would love this one.  But this is my reality!
5.  e-design client ... painting a house!
6.  Auburn Football.  Visiting Erin last weekend!  War Eagle Baby!
7.  Antique Dresser found thrifting to go in said Cute Girl's Room!
8.  Byron is kind of a woos.
9.  e-design client.  Mirrored night stands delivered. These Rock! 

It was a short week here, Tropical Storm Karen stopped my travel home from Auburn so I spent a lovely night at the Westin at the Atlanta Airport Sunday night ... with no suitcase.  Then up and at'em early Monday morning arriving here stinky and tired by 3 pm.  I survived the rush and thoroughly looking forward to Friday Night Cocktails!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.