Yellow Bunny!

Yellow has always been a tough one for me.  I like it, it is happy and warm.  But I never really WENT for it.  

But then something happened.  This ShowStopper Room is very appealing.

Elle Decor ... I think!!!

 Let's break it down.  To the Ground.

The Uber Wide Yellow and White Rug ...  Perfection.

The Subtle Soft Blue Upholstery ...  Perfection.

Accents of Blue and White Chinoiserie ...  Perfection.

Just enough Dark Wood to feel Grounded ...  Perfection.

Clutter .... Not Hoarding ... Just Enough ... Perfection.

The Tall Ceilings.  I am extremely envious ... Perfection.

Bunny Williams Rocks the Yellow and I am a Believer!!

Fall is the time to bring in the Warmth of Yellow ...
 for a little ... Perfection!!