Dining Room Progress.

Sometimes I feel like the Cobbler.  I am so busy designing and decorating others' homes and I forget ... or truthfully, put off because I cannot make up my mind ... the finishing of my own home.

This past week I made HUGE progress in my Dining Room.  HUGE? You ask ... yes.  I chose a chandelier.  Now you have to understand that this has truly taken me two years. 

And then, the Deal Breaker.  Every year our neighborhood has a Progressive Dinner to kick off the holiday season.  First Weekend in November.  Always.  And I was prepared to take some apps and a bottle or two of wine.  And I got the call.

Kim, can you host 10 at your house?  WHAAAAAT??

Yup.  this is her ... Don's office and our perfectly good fan.  Yup.

Now I got this call a week before the dinner.  I immediately texted my favorite electrician.  HELP!!!  I need you this Friday to install a chandelier, can you come?  

CRICKETS.  NO ANSWER.  Did I mention he WAS my favorite electrician???  And by the way I didn't even HAVE a chandelier.  

So at 5 pm Friday night when I finally had the chandelier in my hands,  I reached out to a recommended electrician.  He and I texted back and forth for about 2 hours.  We were both having cocktails and really not paying attention to one another, but I needed him and he is just that responsible!

Saturday morning, he arrives at 10 am ... I am cleaning around him ... and he is wondering why on earth he accepted this job!

But boy am I glad he did ... party went off without a hitch and I marveled over my chandelier all night ... and truthfully ... still feeling pretty good about the whole thing!

Sometimes you just need a big PUSH!  Did I mention I have a NEW favorite electrician?  

Um Hmmm.

Happy Week my friends ... now back out the door to get everyone else's home in order!

Making the World More Beautiful. One Room at a Time.