Horsin' Around.

Happy Fall Monday!  This past weekend we had the opportunity to join in a celebration unlike any I have ever participated in!  A Hunt Party.  A very sophisticated party I must add ... we were thrilled to see the gorgeous horses and dogs ... yes it is a "friendly" hunt ... no real foxes here.

Little did I know that the riders were treated to port, sherry and treats ... and never had to leave their high perches! 

I have to say that I loved the "pomp and circumstance" traditions of the event.  It was fun an interesting. And rather "lady like" ...

But more than anything, it grounded my love for RED.


Why is it the guys always get the good color?

And it brings forth a yearning to design an equestrian space ... while I am not "horsey" I love all of the possibilities ...

And the Dogs ... I loved the dogs!

If somehow you have missed my love for English Country (High Country!) design, then let me remind you to follow Anna Leemereise on Facebook.  She will rock your visual world!  I wish she had been with me this past Saturday morning.  I would have loved her insight.  

And now ... back to the reality of my week!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.