Family Room Fabric Inspiration ... Creating a Space.

For me ... It's all about the Color, 'bout the Color.  And evidently my family as well.  When we painted the room Linen White so I could just start with a clean palate the first question I got from all four children, Isn't it going to have some color????

On Monday I told you I'd walk you through the creative process for "building" a room.

There is a "rule" out there that you must start with the Rug.  Well, that works if you have no idea what you want and you see one that you love.  But I prefer to start with an inspiration piece.  It could be a Lamp, a piece of art, a sample of fabric that you've been carrying around for years determined to use in some manner or even just ... A Color.

I am fairly planted in the traditional classic design feel ... but with a punch.  I'd like to think that I am "bohemian" ... that's probably a stretch!  But I do like the Mix. 

My Inspiration Piece  ... my Orange Leather Chair.  I have given you many shots of her in previous posts.  

Previously She floated between rooms trying to find a home.  She is now playing the Starring Role.

Here is my color inspiration ... Get Ready ... It is not for the slight of heart.  The Orange and Blue ... easy peasy ... but the addition of a good 70's Avacado makes my heart sing.  

Don't forget this is going to be our family room.  I want it Fun, Fresh, and lot's of Energy! I've been working on my color mix for awhile. I mixed, and matched, and threw out and started again.  This one is now planted firmly in my mind and ready to roll.  I began with the Orange Leather and then when I found this Martyn Lawrence Bullard Fabric by Schumacher the plan began to take shape.

So with my Orange Leather Chair and a little MLB in my back pocket, this room is ready to be actualized.  The Fabrics chosen, and even the rug (will share that decision making process next) the vision starts to become a reality.  

Things I need.  Color. Texture. Function of Space. And what will make all these patterns come together and not be too much ... the Linen White walls.  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.