Creating a Room ... Rug (s) Part Two.

If you've been reading this blog it comes as no surprise that I like to Layer.

Rugs provide the perfect Layering opportunity and I am going big.  Last week I chatted about the size of area rugs for your room.  Big is Better.  In a rug situation, minimalism just doesn't work!

I chose a rug to be the backdrop of our Orange Leather Chair.  And it was too small.  In comes the way to fix it ... and one of my favorite things.

Layering ... with a cut and bound rug.  

While you can order a standard square or rectangle jute or sisal rug to anchor another rug ... if you are working around a fireplace or built-ins ... do yourself a favor and go ahead and have it cut and bound on premises.  It makes Custom ... Custom. 

There is a rule of thumb to go with a 10" - 12" edge of the hardwood flooring around the edge of the room.  Truthfully, this is a "feel" part for me.  If we had gone 12" there would have been a very small difference around the fireplace hearth. We chose 8" so that there was a definite difference.

And the distance from the hearth is much smaller ... as you can see ... we let the wood floor trim be our guide.

A view from the edge.  Another layer.

Here is a little sneak peek of the color and layering coming to life ... 

Chairs ... Navy Love ... Done.

Rug ... Layered ... Done.

Avacado Green ... Making a Statement ... Done.

The room feels larger, warmer and completely and happily layered!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.


Creating a Room ... Choosing the Rug(s).

TGIF my sweet friends!  It has been very busy around here and I am sensing Thanksgiving on the fringes of my radar screen ... I am going to be hitting the grocery with the masses this weekend and have yet to get myself organized ... WHAT!!!???  

So let's just chat about rugs ... shall we?

When we moved to #ProjectDownSize, I knew I was going to create my Family Room around the Orange Leather Chair.  Now I am ready to choose a rug that will work with it and be the base of my design inspiration.

Did you know?

Tip One.  Purchasing a good rug is kind of like purchasing art.  I'm talking Persian, Tibetan, hand knotted rugs from a Rug Retailer.  If you decide to sell it one day you are most likely not going to get CLOSE to the price you paid (well, unless it is by one of the masters ... and I don't have any experience with that!).  You have to be okay with that ... you buy it because you LOVE it.  Like Art.

HOWEVER, if you do have a really good rug company that you buy from, they will "exchange" rugs for you ... FOREVER.  It's kind of like leasing a car.  Except it's not.  When we left Farm Road we had a couple of really large rugs that didn't quite fit in our new space AND they didn't fit the vision of our new home.  So I exchanged a rug with them.  They PREFER to exchange UP ... as in a trade in for a more expensive model.   But since I do a lot of business with them they allowed me to go smaller as long as I traded "hand knotted" for "hand knotted".  In the long run we got a lesser rug due to size but since we used the other for 10 years and it didn't fit in #ProjectDownSize, we were okay with the decision.  

Tip Two.  Rug Pads.  GET THEM!!  There are simple non-skid rugs which are the basic and if nothing else, get these! I do prefer a heftier jute pad which while is a little more expensive ... $100.00 vs. 29.95 for an 8 X 10 ... it will help the longevity of your rug.  Whether it is a handmade rug or one from Home Goods.  A good Rug Pad will give you more life out of your rug, no matter it's humble beginnings!

Here's the new rug ... 

The photo makes it look a little more red than it really is  ... notice the orange in the detail.

Guess What though? The rug is really not large enough for the space.  And I was not financially able or willing to wait for a larger one to be handmade for us.  And I have a real issue with rugs that are too small for the space.  

Tip Three.  I cannot emphasize enough ... little rugs make rooms feel little. Period.

Tip Four. When you are shopping for rugs ... don't forget to ask the retailer about their "consignments" because when customers exchange like I just did, they can no longer sell them as new ... and there is generally quite a haul if you ask to look in their basement!  Another great way to get a beautiful rug at a better price point.

Since mine is too small, and because I love layers and the texture of jute or sisal, we will place a cut and bound under the traditional persian rug.

I have some opinions about cut and bound rugs as well.  Ours is being installed on Tuesday next week ... I will show you the details that I like to see when going this route.

Her's a little Before for you ...  

This is from the previous owners.  Clean, neat and very New England.  

Oh, and there is no TV above the Fireplace.

Two things about my family.  We DON'T do formal.  We DO do television.

Rug Choices Made.  Off to the grocery ... See you on Monday!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.


Family Room Fabric Inspiration ... Creating a Space.

For me ... It's all about the Color, 'bout the Color.  And evidently my family as well.  When we painted the room Linen White so I could just start with a clean palate the first question I got from all four children, Isn't it going to have some color????

On Monday I told you I'd walk you through the creative process for "building" a room.

There is a "rule" out there that you must start with the Rug.  Well, that works if you have no idea what you want and you see one that you love.  But I prefer to start with an inspiration piece.  It could be a Lamp, a piece of art, a sample of fabric that you've been carrying around for years determined to use in some manner or even just ... A Color.

I am fairly planted in the traditional classic design feel ... but with a punch.  I'd like to think that I am "bohemian" ... that's probably a stretch!  But I do like the Mix. 

My Inspiration Piece  ... my Orange Leather Chair.  I have given you many shots of her in previous posts.  

Previously She floated between rooms trying to find a home.  She is now playing the Starring Role.

Here is my color inspiration ... Get Ready ... It is not for the slight of heart.  The Orange and Blue ... easy peasy ... but the addition of a good 70's Avacado makes my heart sing.  

Don't forget this is going to be our family room.  I want it Fun, Fresh, and lot's of Energy! I've been working on my color mix for awhile. I mixed, and matched, and threw out and started again.  This one is now planted firmly in my mind and ready to roll.  I began with the Orange Leather and then when I found this Martyn Lawrence Bullard Fabric by Schumacher the plan began to take shape.

So with my Orange Leather Chair and a little MLB in my back pocket, this room is ready to be actualized.  The Fabrics chosen, and even the rug (will share that decision making process next) the vision starts to become a reality.  

Things I need.  Color. Texture. Function of Space. And what will make all these patterns come together and not be too much ... the Linen White walls.  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.