One-sided Curtain Panels ...

Happy Monday Morning!  Does anyone else think that a trip to the local dump to clean out a few things constitutes a really successful weekend? Well, we had a growing pile in the driveway that all got hauled away ...  I announce the weekend successful!

In the midst of client projects I have slowly started to tackle my family room.  The "formal" living room of the house, but no formality here.  After painting our den Gloss Red, I wanted this to be colorful, cheerful ... but light.  We painted the walls Linen White almost immediately after we moved in and basically the room became the holding ground for the pieces of furniture that I wasn't quite sure what to do with.  

Because the room is a little narrow, I need to shove my sofa all the way to the wall.  Not my favorite, but I am being held hostage by the size.  The upside is that we can get more seating in this way and that is very helpful.

We have two windows now with a sofa in the middle ... similar to this.


And here is the rub.  I want drapery panels in this room, not just roman shades.  So I am about to make the jump and do this "one sided' window treatment thing. 

How do you feel about this look?  It leaves me a little naked feeling.  But I might have to live a little on the wild side this go around.  Have you tried it?

What makes the above work is the screen in the middle ... I will need to make certain the wall above the sofa has some weight to it to make it balance.

I am working on my plan for this room, and the window treament decision was a big deal before I could move on.  Plan settled.

Let's build a Room, shall we?

Over the next few weeks I will walk you through creating a space.  How I go about it, my thought process and share the steps you can make to bring it all together in your own home.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.