College vs. Cupcakes

On our quest for the perfect college Callie and I took a tour of Georgetown University. A beautiful campus tucked into Washington DC.  As we drove into DC, The Capitol just rose up and welcomed us!

DC is such a wonderful place ... It really made me feel proud to be an American.  

The World War II Museum ... I had not seen, it is fairly new ...  was beautiful.  And there was such a peaceful feeling as we walked around the fountains.  It was obvious that the visitors were there with much respect to all the lives lost to keep our Freedoms.

On to Georgetown, the campus was a little quiet as classes have not begun yet ... but you could feel the energy building as it was getting ready to welcome back the students.

Callie has turned our college tours into history lessons for me.  I have enjoyed visiting places I have never been and learning about how they came to be.  Each and every one we visit has been interesting and I can see her thriving in most of them.  Each possesses just a little piece of uniqueness that we have tried to uncover to see if it fits her.

Then there is this other thing about Georgetown ...

We didn't need the menu board ... we both came in with one desire.

Many temptations ... 

 But the winner ... IS and always HAS been ... 

Red Velvet!

I wonder ... is this REALLY why we are here?  She assures me not!!