Clearly I have ADD ... truly.  I am trying to do my own MOC and get my sunroom done.  But have I mentioned that I have not been able to offer my family or my guests hot water out of our powder room faucet for the past year? I have a beautiful French faucet.  but it doesn't work.  Well, it gets cold water and the fact that it doesn't get hot water seems to be an issue for some people!!

So remember this ... about 8 months ago I quizzed you all about mirrors and a look I was going for.

It started here ... Before ... WAY before:

This is how it looked when we moved in five years ago ... it stayed this way for 4 years.  I had other priorities and was in denial.

I did get a new light fixture that I love ... and painted the walls grey.  I was trying to embrace the greys ... and in this little space it and I fell flat.  

You know how sometimes the photos don't show up as pretty on the computer as they are in person.  Well ... this paint looks the opposite!  Much better in the photo than in person!!

I am finally tackling the real issue ... the floors ... they are green and I am not really a green person.  

Now that I have accepted defeat and Don is sick of the bathroom not working right and the wall color is horrible and the mirror I got for a song from a thrift store ... well, it just doesn't work.

So hear I go again!!  And I will get it done!  I love this floor and the Quadrille Fabric ... which comes in a wallpaper.

But now ... I want color.  I LOVE brown.  But this powder room needs some light and happiness!!  So I am searching for the same floor pattern in black and white and have decided upon ... wait ... SHRIMP!! Here's a shot of the fabric version.

Powder rooms are the little exclamation point in a home.  They don't really have to match or go with the "flow" of the rest of the house.  I like to make them Happy and Fun!  And full of Color!

SHRIMP ... Which Don doesn't think is pink OR orange. So I am IN!!

Ordering up the Shrimp today ... and will hire painter and tile person this week.  This will get done fairly soon ... unless I change my mind again.  But I am feeling pretty positive about this decision.  Do you agree??

Here's to pulling the trigger, finally! Happy Monday!