Animal Prints and Gallery Walls

I am doing a little reflecting on my love of animal prints (art and skins) and gallery walls.  I have been spending more and more time with my parents as they are getting older and needing a little more help.

I came across these photos of my Mom in our DEN... remember those, before the Great Room ... but after the Keeping Room!

My sweet Mom ... in the 80's!   You can tell by the "bouf" hair-do and shoulder pads!!  I give her lots of credit.  She is NOT an animal lover, but my Dad is.  So she made the best of it and made it work ... The Gallery Wall.

Sometimes I really do believe that design trends are subconscious ... I might have said this before so please forgive me!  I really believe it ... there is a comfort in things familiar.  Whether it is a good trend or a bad trend.  It's like comfort food.  And Animals and me ... we are always ON trend!!

Did you grow up with anything that continues to follow you in your own design?  Are you making it work?