Friday Snip-It's ... My Week via Instagram!

1.  Weather is cooling down.  Time for the Dixie Manhattan!
2.  A little Jonathan Adler love via JC Penney!
3.  While styling a client's bookshelves, her sister whipped this up!!
4.  Story of my children's lives.  Find your own socks, I can't do it anymore!
5.  Why do I have such an attraction to old things?
6.  Every since this, I have been spray painting books. The early darkness is a bummer!
7.  Gotta love it when you know an artist! And she'll put up with your late night requests!
8.  And blessed to have a friend who will pick cotton for me ... coming in the mail soon!

Another week down, all is moving in crazy ways ... 
but that's what makes this life interesting, right?!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Illusions ... Reality Check!

So the Big Reveal of the ORC was yesterday ... what fun and hard work took place over the past seven weeks.  I promised a follow up to give you a few more details.

Do you ever find yourself wondering ... What is Really going on around that room?  Am I looking at an Illusion?

Get Ready ... I am about to show you my Illusion and 
my Reality.
First ... This transformation wouldn't have been possible without these:

Paul and Joe ... My Illusion Wall

My GrandMother ... her Cookie Presses

My Chevron ... Chair Makeover

The Beast ... Tamed

Kerry Steele ... Abstract Art

CEKArt ... Elephant Art

The Gilded Tassel ... Chinoiserie Tray

My Tassel ... as a Tassel

Target ... Spray Paint (I got on Clearance!)

And a Whole Lot of Orange!

NOW ... the Reality ... 

Here is what I See when sitting at my desk.

Yep, the washing machine and dryer and my table for projects ... and lots of other Stuff!

Here is what I really see when I walk into the unfinished Basement ... 

My Illusion Office to the left ... the Rest Surrounds!

I still have a few little piles that need to be cleaned up ... 

The TV ... which is generally on for the White Noise and to cover the sound of the furnace! And all the other PRETTY machinery that makes the House Run!

A chair that I want to re-cover.  

Then I turn left and SEE this.  I smile ... and get to work!

So here's what you need to know ... It is possible to carve out a special area for yourself ... no matter what!!

So Go Get Your Space On!  Illusion or Reality ... 
you can do it!!

Now ... please go to Emily's blog for the 

Work with What you Have Link Party!



Emerald + Coral = Love

The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antique Show is going on this week.  Wish I were there!!

Lot's of Eye Candy for sure ...


So while dreaming of fun bright Colorful Jewels ... I continued my Little Brain Adventure and dreamt up a Posh room in Palm Beach if I lived a very different life!!

All based on the two colors that make me Tick and a piece of Art I wish I owned!!


As I am writing this my hands are still a little frosty from taking the dogs out in the Snow.  Perhaps that's what makes my Brain Travel so much fun!!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow ... Week 3 of the ORC