Friday Snip-It's ... My Week via Instagram!

1.  Weather is cooling down.  Time for the Dixie Manhattan!
2.  A little Jonathan Adler love via JC Penney!
3.  While styling a client's bookshelves, her sister whipped this up!!
4.  Story of my children's lives.  Find your own socks, I can't do it anymore!
5.  Why do I have such an attraction to old things?
6.  Every since this, I have been spray painting books. The early darkness is a bummer!
7.  Gotta love it when you know an artist! And she'll put up with your late night requests!
8.  And blessed to have a friend who will pick cotton for me ... coming in the mail soon!

Another week down, all is moving in crazy ways ... 
but that's what makes this life interesting, right?!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.