Week 5. Spring 2017 ORC.

Welcome, Welcome!  To Week 5 of the One Room Challenge Link Up Party!  I cannot ever state this fact enough.  If it weren't for these challenges no room in our home would be finished.  It is a sad state, but I start ... and then move on to other things, or life, or clients, or just keep changing my mind.  Thankfully Linda, of Calling It Home, keeps me and I surmise, many others like me in check.  She began this challenge a number of years ago and has motivated many of us!

The "big" challenge is on Wednesdays, where 20 designers and bloggers transform a room in 6 weeks.  You can see them here.  These are major deals.  I am just transforming a dining room in a rental ... and trying my best to use only things I own.  This is where the world can join in.  On Thursdays for the ORC Link Up.  Literally, anyone can join!  My children and husband ask me ... "what do you win??" ... What I win is that we all have a room that is complete.  Thank you very much!! 

So here's progress for Week 5 in the #KMIProjectRental Dining Room.

Chairs before:

Chairs Painted.  Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams.  I am totally in love with this color right now.

Last week, many of you know I was at High Point Market seeing all the new trends, being inspired and mostly educating myself to bring the best back to my clients.  While I was there I noticed a strong sense of "dark neutrals".  Not just your average white or soft linen neutrals. But a darker moodier neutral.  

These photos might give you an idea ... 

Color is there, but it is darker, moodier and tending toward the dark blues and grays.

I share this with you because this is where my dining room is going.  I am a huge fan of color.  But that doesn't necessarily mean bright primary colors. 

And here you see my new lion cabinet hardware.  I am really not a big diy'er ... but a little gold mixed with stone colored spraypaint gave these the patina I was looking for!


And yes, you can spy my zebra rug and the painted chairs all lined up for dinner!

Oh ... and the jewelry ... remember the lamps I purchased while at High Point?  Here's a little sneak peek!!

Pretty dramatic for a neutral space ... wouldn't you agree?

Now ... go check out all of the creatives out there transforming the world!

If you have the desire to catch up ... scroll down and you can see Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Next week ... pencils down! Yikes!!


Week Two. ORC Spring 2017.

Thank you for coming back!  Yes, this is Week Two of the #oneroomchallenge #orclinkup and I am in the midst of transforming our dining room.  From blah to extraordinary with everything I already have.  Except the Wallpaper. EEEK!  Oh Yes, in just six weeks!  Thanks to Linda of Calling It Home, there are room transformations taking place across the globe right now!

Let's break the Board Down:

My Jump Off ... or Jump Up and Down! starting point is this FABULOUS wallpaper by RootCellarDesigns.  

This has been the biggest restraint ever.  To virtually transform our home into our vibe with nothing but paint.  I will continue to update you on the entire project.  But the Dining Room took a front seat so that I could have the place looking a little more spiffy for Easter!  And a girl just needs some wallpaper sometimes.  Just a Wall.  It just takes a Wall. Okay, not THAT wall!!!

I realize this weekend is Easter and I am far from ready, but I will show my family the mood boards.  And while we are eating my Mother In Law's addictive deviled eggs they will be able to truly see my vision!!


Farm Table - buy something you love.  This table has been in our dining room, our kitchen, the potting shed ... and back to the Dining Room!

Mirrored console.  Back when I wanted a little more Glam in my life.  This sparkler continues to make me happy.  But it needs new hardware.  One of the pulls broke, so I will be replacing those.

The "Winners" ... the Aidan Gray Chairs and chandelier!  I had my luckiest "win" moment two years ago and won these at HighPoint Market!

Heron Art.  I love this piece!  A fun find at an Estate Sale.  

Garden Urn and Greenery.  NOT decided on wholly.  But I like the pop of green and iron in the space.  And I have no current yard to place them in ... so bringing the feel inside is terrifically appealing.

Zebra Print Cowhide:  I like it and own it.  Should it stay or should it go now? Stay tuned!

Yes, Black Sails  is  still on my mind as I try to make #KMIProjectRental feel like home.  Bringing in the rustic elements and shiny moments of our past to create something fun and fresh for our new adventure.

Be sure to hop over to Calling it Home to check out the 20 sponsored bloggers and here for us crazies that Link Up.  It will be life changing!


Junior League of Boston ShowHouse. Chinoiserie Chic.

So Sadly, The Junior League of Boston's Showhouse closed this past weekend.  I hope you had the opportunity to visit ... so much goodness in ONE house! 

Emily O'Brien, 3 Olives and a Twist and I have been dishing about our favorite rooms and I still have one more to show you ... 

Chinoiserie Chic goes Young At Heart in this young girls' bedroom by Elizabeth Benedict.  I love the pops of pink (have you noticed all the pink in the house?) yet far, far from the bubble gum pink of many a little girl's room I have stepped into.  This Pink is sophisticated and the balance of the blues and greens allow for growth.

The little bedside tables and lamps have staying power!  Another nod to all the important detail shown in this year's house ... the strip of trim and nailheads take this bed from basic to fabulous!

My kids tease me because we have 3 working fireplaces in our home and they are all decorated!  I am a little tired of hauling wood and I love that Elizabeth created a little Palm art in hers!  This year it seems I have been talking ALOT to my clients about rugs.  The size of rugs and the pattern.  Elizabeth's room is a grand example of a fun punch of pattern and color that takes up most of the floor space grounding the room and making it feel bigger and cozier at the same time.  And if you look very closely you can see the fretwork wallpaper on the ceiling! Bravo Elizabeth!!

Love this Elizabeth!  Here's hoping when I show this to my youngest, she might consider getting her mattress of the floor.  She's in the Boho faze!

Thanks for following along as we did our best to share what is happening in Boston Design.  Fresh, Colorful, Sophisticated ... and FUN!  When you are looking at your own spaces remember to have fun ... I promise it will make you happy!!