Junior League of Boston ShowHouse. The Mother-In-Law Suite.

Or Mother's Suite, Or Guestroom ... or MASTER!  I love this room by my friend Kelly Rogers.  I hope you are enjoying the recap of the Junior League of Boston Designer ShowHouse.  Emily O'Brien and 3 Olives and a Twist and I loved the house and it is truly such fun to come back and really look deep into each room.  The details that are sometimes missed when you are just "passing through".  It's all about the details ... right?

Kelly used this stunning fabric from Robert Allen on her focal wall. I love that it has such a beautiful deep fuchsia, yet the room does not feel overwhelmingly Pink.  The Custom headboard, Kelly designed herself with beautiful trim that carries all the way around the bed onto the bedskirt.  Leontine Linens.  Need I say more?  I know nice linens are expensive and sometimes hard for people to understand.  But just look at what you get!  The brass light fixture from Worlds Away adds a warm tone and a little whimsy! 

Robert Allen fabric was also used on the window treatments.  One of my favorite things in this space is the way Kelly featured the same fabric on all three pillows, yet in 3 different colorways. Brilliant! And of course, the Tini Table from Oomph ... will always be one of my favorite accessory tables. 

Yes, this Suite is a keeper and I would say would win over any Mother OR Mother-in-Law!

TheShowHouse is open through June 5 ... there is still plenty of time to be inspired in person!