Junior League of Boston ShowHouse. The Bar.

Hi!  I am thrilled to be working with Emily O'Brien Photograpy and 3 Olives and a Twist to take you on a Virtual Tour of the Junior League of Boston's 2016 Decorator Showhouse.  There is so much talent to show that we are all chiming in on our favorites.  I hope you enjoy!

More Dish!

Can we just speak about what is happening in this next space ... trendy?  Yes, but these trends are built on tradition and have staying power!  The Bar.  Tracy Foley and Cecilia Walker teamed up to make this small space sing.  I love small spaces that live Big!  And these ladies rocked it!

Take a look at this Nook.  What do you see?  Shall I translate?

Wallpaper. UP on the ceiling and down the walls.  This wallpaper is a custom design by Cecilia, as well as the pillow fabric.  Do you notice that the same fabric is used on the leading edge of the drapes.  Unifying and Striking.

High Gloss.  It is a force to be reckoned with.  Painting trim is traditional in New England, but giving it a high gloss treatment brings it forward.  And doesn't it just DRAW you in?

The Rug ... deep and dark.  While I mostly suggest a lighter alternative to my clients, I love that this rug really grounds the playfulness of the large "chandelier" above.  The other talent in this duo is Tracy, of Water & Main, a great sources for vintage and antiques!  The Brass basket, of sorts, has been turned into a light fixture, one of the featured elements in this room.

And now ... look more closely ... trim is ever important now.  Details make everything unique and interesting.  Do you See it?  A ZIPPER straight down the middle of this little loveseat.  Let's face it, no one sits in the middle anyway.   A sort of Sexy Divider wouldn't you say?  You stay on your side and I'll stay on mine ... unless ..... !!

Then looking at the opposite side of the bar ... The wallpaper continues around the room ... just a "line" of molding to give some contrast and a tight geometric tile feature on the bar to make this small space pop.

I loved the detail in this little nook.  High Gloss Drama,Found objects, Function matched with Beauty and Style. 

The ShowHouse is going on through June 5th and you can purchase tickets at www.BostonShowHouse.org.    Stop by Emily O'Brien Photography tomorrow for another 'sighting'!   So much goodness to share ... stay tuned!