ORC - Week 2. Lesson on Linens

Week 2 of the ORC ... full throttle.  Like the moment where last week I was feeling all like "I got this".  And this week is when you start feeling like "Oh s%#&! ... I am so far behind already!"  If you are new here, this is my design board presented last week.

Did you see what all is happening with the Wednesday ORC'rs?  Oh my, things are begin ripped out, painted up, moved ... and even a Jonathan Adler Ping Pong Table is about to make an appearance!  FUN!

So while I am in semi-panic mode I will not drag you down the rabbit hole with me .... let's discuss pretty bedding!  

Meet my friend Jennifer.  She owns Tusk Monogram Collection on Newbury Street ... local friends you need to see her new digs, right above Alex and Ani.

Jennifer knows how to rock the monogram and linens of the best kind.  

For the FIRST TIME EVER ... Don and I are going to buy beautiful linens for our bed.  

So I took my fabrics in to see what I need to make our new bed truly scrumptious.

I first started with the green ... you know how I feel about color.

I chose this Matouk pattern ... now this whole look is a little too much for me ... but I love the bold scallop pattern on the white fabric.

Once I toyed with all the fun colors, I landed on the soft gray ... I felt it was a little more sophisticated (I am 53 after all!) and pulled the headboard and curtain fabric together better than the green.

I'll be adding this super soft throw in the mix ... with the possibility of an orange monogram ... I know what you are thinking, but just because I am trying to sophisticate UP the bedroom, doesn't mean I cannot have a little fun!

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Thanks to Linda .... we are ... 

Making the World More Beautiful.  About 200 Rooms in Six Weeks!