Saturday Scheming.

In another response to the Pantone Color of the Year #Greenery.  Mixed with other elements it can tell a magnificent #ColorStory.  I hope you enjoy this one!


Linen and Velvet

Modern and Classic

Floral Inspiration

We are enjoying a little snow this morning in New England. Even though I am really nowhere ready for Christmas, the snow has a way of calming things down and taking the pressure off.  Oh how I love that! Hope you are in a place of peace today!


Saturday Scheming.

A Boston SouthEnd Artist Loft needs a plan.

Here's how we see it coming down. Neutral Base ... and pops of this ...

Romo linen stripes paired with a Retro Feel raised velvet from Duralee.

Add a dash of texture with Faux Bois from Thibaut.

Watercolor Freshness from Kasmir, Duralee and Lindsay Cowles.

Warm Wood and Fresh greens to be added.

Backed with classics from Samuel & Sons, Kravet and Thibaut.

Artistic Heaven.


Life By Design. Inside and Out. Third Edition.

This is the Third Edition in a series of creative perspectives about life and the design process from Garden Designer, Heather McLean and myself.  You can read Heather's blog here!

People always ask me how I like living in New England, and do I miss the South.  I actually love both ... I have family and friends in both places and I think each region has given me a wonderful turn in life.  But come about April every year I miss the South. Winter likes to linger here in New England and I know that the azaleas and magnolias are starting to bloom in the South while I look out the window yearning for the first little crocus to pop it's head out.

So you can imagine my delight at the little Floral Revolution I feel coming on in the Design arena.  A fresh, new ... and I have to say, BOLD ... way. 

Classic blue and white floral chair from the CR Laine Showroom at HighPoint

HighPoint Market 2016 brought the vision home.  Color and pattern is everywhere.  The beauty of floral to me is that even the most neutral environment can be made to feel fresh with a touch of floral.  

Thibaut used this beautiful "watered" floral on the walls.  Pairing it with a neutral sofa and geometric patterns on the pillows,  gives a warm and embracing feel to the room without being overly feminine. 

Small spaces are quite fun for me and a great place to try a little Floral Punch if you want to give it a go without a huge commitment.

This little Powder Room at the 2016 Junior League Boston Showhouse by Designer Nancy Seibel is a fantastic example of using floral and ramping up the punch with the scale of the pattern.

"Scale is of prime importance and I think oversized scale is better than undersized scale."  Nancy Lancaster

Scale ... What Nancy claimed many years ago is what makes the "new" floral timeless!

Real life blooms are actually starting to appear in my yard now and as I drive down the road and see all the trees starting to blossom and bloom, I am settling back into my New England life. Thankful that Spring is a definite promise and it might just be a little sweeter because I have to wait a bit longer.