YaYa Weekend 2013 ...

1.  The Ya Ya tradition begins - 1997.
2.  Panama City Beach ... sugar sand ... can't get any better!
3. The Originals.
4.  Don's intro to the YaYa weekend.  He was a hold out.
5.  The Petites.
6.  YaYa Gifts.
7.  Pimento Cheese Sandwiches for the Beach. Yes, on white Bread. I know.
6.  Don and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary.
7.  Erin and Callie ... hip pose.

Life from Instagram.  Did you know that Instagram is the BIGGEST Data suck on your phone?  I just had to stop by Verizon and change my plan.  It's worth it, right?

Have a wonderful Weekend ... we are looking for a little heat relief ... what are you doing to stay cool this weekend?

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