Our Home ... The Closet!

Do your weeks seem to be flying by??  It is a little frantic around here, the school year seems to be operating on warp speed!  The Sun was Shining this past weekend which meant I was on a mission to get the porch furniture out of storage and ready for Summer.  I know, I am probably pushing it a little ... but it sure was nice puttering around out there feeling as if Summer is just a breath away! 

So a couple of weeks ago I started the tour of our home.  When I shared our bedroom and how we moved some walls to make it fit us better I really thought I was going to take you into the Closet next.  But then we snuck away a couple of days to Palm Beach ... and I had an inspiration to help make our closet a little more fun!

You've seen this ... this is what the original bedroom looked like when we bought the house.

Remember we turned the original closet and sitting room into our Bedroom.  Which left the room above available for our Closet!

Now don't get me wrong ... I love our closet ... lots of space and being able to really use this space keeps alot of the piles out of our actual bedroom making it much neater for us!

We have a lot of "gifts" from our kids on these dressers ... but it was just lacking.  

I have always been inspired by Tory Burch's closet.  Who hasn't???

You know I also fell in love with this bed and wallpaper at The Breakers.

So while I am in no mood (nor have them time right now) to paint everything white ... I so have the need to give the space a little more personality ... 

I went to Home Depot for inspiration!

Some Chartreuse Silk, Plastic Trellis and a piece of cut glass ...

Easy, inexpensive and just a little more Fun going on in the Closet!

The Chandelier was in the original bedroom ... It stayed put!

Close Up Detail of my "new" dresser top!

I don't always have fresh flowers in the Closet.  I do buy flowers weekly at the grocery store for the Kitchen and my Desk ... they just make things feel a little more special.  In the Summer it is even easier as I can generally pluck something out of our garden.

I truly despise fake flowers.  But I have them in here ... see the tulips peeking behind the picture frames?  I have had these for quite awhile and they actually look pretty good.  I do make exceptions.  Not very often!

I cleaned off the chair for the photo.  It generally is a landing place for ... Everything!

I'm kind of a belt girl.

We have done so many things to this house in the past 5 years ... and it was not the pretty stuff.  New Boiler, new furnace, new electrical ... all very much needed ... but it seems we are just really getting to the fun stuff.  Little by Little!

I do love my Cowboy boots ... and bought two Boot trays from Target ... the Smith & Hawken aisle ... one of my favorites!  And put them on top of my wire shelving.

Okay, it cannot compete with Tory's Closet ... small steps everyone, small steps!!

This is still a work in progress ... Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Are you "tweeking" anything this week?