Quadrille Love ... and ... No Way!!

Working on a new home ... and I am thrilled to say the Mrs. loves Quadrille as much as I do. Here's a sneak peek at what is happening:

I know ... you want a closer look ... here you go!

Then when just popping over to Quadrille to check out what else is new and I discover ...
Quadrille has gone all COUTURE on us!!

Did y'all know this???  Have I been missing out? I can see it now ... a Garden Party where I match my tablecloth!!  Okay, I wouldn't do THAT. But I would wear a cute dress out of Q in a heartbeat!

I remember once making my Mother and me "matching" jumpsuits for summer out of shower curtain material.  I know.  I'll find a photo and share and we can laugh together.

Happy Wednesday ... make it a great one!