Monday Morning Musings ...

Interior Design is on hold today ... I am loving the design of FRIENDSHIP!  My Ya Ya's, as you know, are mine!  We were sorority sisters at school ... friendships formed and one of us (not me!) got a beach house in Florida .... 15 years ago we met there with a few babies in tow.  This is the one of the only photos of that first trip ... clearly, blogs hadn't been invented!!

It just evolved ... let's do it again ... and again ... husbands came (and went!) new babies were born and new husband's and children were acquired and a new boyfriend (um, that sounds so weird at our age!) and life just continued on it's strange little path ... but here's what never stopped.  Our annual trip.

The friendships like this are more precious than gold.  Sometimes we go weeks, even months, without talking to one another.  Random texts are sent and emails ... but we know each other is there for us, no matter what life throws at us!  We show up year after year ... right in step ... life never skips a beat when we are together!

Our children, aptly named the Petite Ya Ya's ... "Petites" for short.  Honestly believe they are all cousins.  As in true Southern Style, we raised them to call us each "Aunt Kim, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Lynn, Aunt Lisa" ... you see where this is going.  When Erin applied for college and was filling out forms to go through Rush ... she thought she was a Legacy of some sort of Chi Omega because our oldest Petite is a Chi O!  I had to remind her that she is not really related ... she looked at me completely like I had horns growing out of my head.  I just let her put it down ... she didn't pledge them anyway!!

We always bring fun gifts ... don't know how this started either ... but we all get so excited to see what everyone gets!  Matching gifts of course!!  This year was the year of the Monogram!!

Yes, the state colors of Alabama are Orange and Blue ... War Eagle!

Monogram coasters ... Erin whipped those up ... she is a Pinterest Arts and Crafts addict!

Our very own "green" grocery and tote bags ... complete with monogram!!

Hats ... this way we actually knew whose is whose!

And here we are today ....

and our Petites ... minus Erin ... Real life hits hard sometimes and she had to WORK!!

Oh, and along the way another one of us (not me!) bought a lake house ... this is why this doesn't look like the beach!

Celebrating Friendships today ... Nothing better!