Wisteria Lust!

I took this photo in NYC last summer when Don and I were visiting.  I have Wisteria Lust ... in a really big way.  Three years ago I planted this ... and I have to say, it is growing quite well.  I know, there are naysayers that are not going to approve of my letting it wrap around my deck posts.  But I love it.  and if it decides to get to tight, I will cut it.  But right now I am cheering it on.

Did you know it takes SEVEN years for Wisteria to bloom.  And I just found out I am supposed to be pruning around the leader vine.  The Leader Vine?  I will be working on my pruning techniques this week.  That means whacking off a few to clean it out.  And we will just see what happens!

Hope your week gets off to a great start ... and keep an eye on your Leader Vines!!