This Photo

was all it took ...

to get my butt in gear!  I have been working on a room with a very good client.  Which has made me REALLY want to fix my sunroom.  And then I saw this in the June issue of Traditional Home.  Now I KNOW I need to do something ... NOW!

Here's where the room started ...

This is Don's and my room. The kids run the house.  They get the living room, the family room, the basement, and everything in between.  We try our best to keep this ours.  The Sofa needs to be recovered or slipped.  The leather chair is fabulous and we will keep it.  The coffee table has actually been changed out for a table my mom gave me.  It is fine, but not us.  Think brass and glass ... we want something more comfy.

This photo was obviously taken at night ... but shows you my gorgeous (they are!) Lee Jofa roman shades.  We toyed with this 17th Century Bench as a coffee table ... it was a disaster.  Too long, couldn't hold anything ... we moved on.

This is how the domino effect happened last weekend ...

Don hated this chair ... the kids, Byron (the dog) and I didn't mind it at all ... but I got it. It was too big and overstuffed and kind of ugly!!

No one else wanted it either. I put it on Craigslist for $100.00 ... NO TAKERS!! Not One. Not even one of those scam people took notice.

We took it to the Sherborn Swap Shop.  Do you have a swap shop (it's at the dump!)? It is truly a wonderful thing.  I see this ottoman and think that it would be the perfect size to recover for our "new" coffee table. Oh, I wasn't really planning to swap ... however this is the beauty of the swap shop!

It was covered in animal hair, I don't judge, the chair we dropped off was covered in animal hair.  But this wasn't "our" animal.   

My plan was to vacuum and put a slip cover on and be done.  

That was not Don's plan.  He wanted it to be rid of any thing previous.  Men are kind of weird that way. 

So he started ripping, it was kind of a strange thing to watch ... I didn't ... I went away and came back to this.

This is seriously some perfectionism at work ... every staple came out.  Please don't say a word about the tool room ... it is a disaster!

So much for a vacuum and a quick fix.  Now all I have left is a plywood box.

And a great set of legs on casters!

The interesting this about this venture is that he loved doing it ... I think he may become a furniture builder in his next life!!

Stay tuned ... alot to do in our sunroom ... actually, now much more than when we started!