Before & After ... Google Style

I picked Erin up from college on Saturday and she and I have spent the last few days at my parents house.  We have been cleaning and cooking for them.  Things are shifting, I am becoming the parent to my parents.  They need help ... won't take it.  They need someone to cook for them ... won't take it.  They need to move ... won't hear of it.  So we do our best every couple of months to make certain the refrigerator is full and the house is clean and they are happy.

My Daddy has sat in this chair at his desk as long as I can remember.  This is what things looked like when we arrived.  Worn, tired, dirty and a little neglected.  It became a mission.  I need this baby reworked and done in two days.  No, I don't have fabric and have no clue where to take this.  If I were home, it could be done in a snap.  I am operating under a severe lack of area knowledge.

Kim:  Erin, find an upholsterer on Google.

Erin:  Found one that does boats ... but there is a small mention of furniture.

My parents live right across the street from Lake Lanier ... we don't need a boat done, just a chair.  This is a possibility!

After copying and pasting the address to my email and sending it to myself, I pulled up the directions on my phone.

Erin:  Why don't you use your navigation on your phone, Mom?

Me:  I was quite proud of the way I figured this out.  I didn't even have to print anything.

Erin: hmm.

We drove for 30 minutes.  We were in kind of a weird neighborhood.

Erin:  This is the right address?

Me:  That's what I copied.  This can't be right. I know there are upholsterers that work in their homes, but there isn't even a sign.

Erin:  I knew I should have nav'd it on my phone.

Time is ticking now, we don't have time for this silliness.  She finds the correct address and off we go to Rivera's ... the correct boat/furniture place.  Mike wasn't available.  He was at "that biscuit place".  And indeed the place is called "That Biscuit Place" at the end of the street.  He arrived with a snack for his office mate.  Took a look at the chair and said, yes, I can do this for you by tomorrow.  Do you have the fabric?

Me:  Erin, find a fabric place on Google.

Erin:  Got a Michael's or a place called Design Finds.

Me:  Design Finds ... let's go.

My expectations were very low.  We were in North Georgia where the highway ends.  No lie, the highway just ended.

We hit the jackpot ... I just needed two yards of something that I thought my mother would like and that would match a green antique chair.  Done, two yards at $19.95 a yard later we were headed back to the boat shop!

Here's what google can do for you in two days when you need a Mission Accomplished!

When Erin and I  pulled out of the driveway this morning, this chair seemed to say thank you.  It also was our sign that we were leaving the house, especially its' inhabitants, a little happier, warmer and prettier than when we walked in the door.  Don't worry ... we'll be back.