La Samanna

While staying at Belle Fontaine, we had access to Baie Longue ... and shared this stunning stretch of beach with the luxurious La Samanna Resort.  

We spent our last day here at the beach.  Erin left us yesterday to go back to school ... so we are minus one.

After a little sun and sand, we walked up to the La Samanna Beach Grill for lunch.

This trip was the first time our children have experienced another language in action.

The beautiful blues of the ocean with the all white design was exquisite and I could have stayed here all day!

We were really hot after we came off the beach and we were offered the best gift of the day ... A chilled rag to cool off.  This brought smiles all around ...

The kids declared the burgers the best they had the entire trip.  Seriously? We are in a food mecca, and they now can tell you the best place for a burger?!?!

What a beautiful way to end our vacation.  We pretended we were part of the luxury crowd this last day and soaked in every aspect of this gorgeous beach and resort.

This was declared one of our best family vacations.  The time spent together and the laughter we shared was the most precious gift.  It makes heading home and getting back to reality all that more difficult ... but it is time.  Thanks for sharing our trip!