A Shared "view"

Sometimes I wish Brooke Giannetti was a family member ... because she appreciates "Patina" ... if you are not familiar with her or her book Patina Style go get it and visit her blog Velvet and Linen.

My family doesn't always appreciate my love of "old things" ... Old houses, old furniture, flea market finds.  I love to think about where these pieces lived before I found them.  The stories they could tell, the lives they have been a part of.

Last week Don and I went up to Kennebunkport for the day ... he knows if we go I will drag him to Old House Parts.  I showed you the photo of a window I found ... I wanted it.  So he said go for it, we'll come back next week to pick it up.  We weren't in my Denali.  When I got home I looked at some old photos from a trip we took last year.  The Same Window!!  See ... it was waiting for me.  I had forgotten all about it.  It, however, never waivered and waited patiently for me!!

It was a little too tall for our house ... so the kind folks at Old House Parts took three rows off the top for me!

Out to the gravel to be cleaned and removal of some broken glass!

Murphy and Byron want to help and don't understand what I am doing with a bucket of water and why they can't drink it.

All cleaned up and just like new :)

Up off the floor to it's new home.

Somewhere, a while ago ... someone else looked through these window panes.  I don't know what their view was ... and while my "view' is just a wall ... the reflection of what might have been makes me smile.