"Living" with Alice Williams ...

and her Art!  Alice's colors and images are warm and inviting and appealed to me the first time I saw one of her pieces.  I am so intrigued by artists ... just like anything else, they come in all shapes and sizes and march to their own beat. I have been fortunate enough to be given a "peek" into her life.  As I have learned more about Alice, I believe she speaks to me even more because of her love of Europe, color, and her almost "impressionistic" flavor (although I would never trap her in that term ... she can paint anything!).  As I continue to go on and on about original art, I have found that getting to know the artist makes the work even more special. Now, I have had the good fortune to meet several of the artists whose work I love.  But this also means studying up a little and getting to know more about those that I may never meet.

I have this desire to know what goes on in the artists' head when they paint.  I want to feel the piece.  Maybe I don't feel it quite the way they intended.  That is what makes it even more fun!

First ... enjoy a little taste of Alice's current work.

for more by Alice, go here.

Alice and her husband make their home in Atlanta ... but they continue to make travel and living abroad a huge part of their life.  They bought a "penthouse" Condo in an older building in Atlanta several years ago.  I tell you this, because while Atlanta has many high rises ... this building was most likely built in the 60's or 70's and is only 5 stories high.  Very unpretentious when you pull up.  Then you gasp as you step off the elevator and enter the re-creation of this mid-century condo into this home.

Alice's studio ... Notice the doors that she found in France.

Their "main" room ... so  many little sitting areas ... Alice and Don have lived all over Europe and you can see it in their home.  The beams, the wood work on the walls, the doors, the furnishings ...

The furniture has been collected over time ... and they have been allowed to keep that look.   Not meant to match, not necessarily meant to go together.  The different styles and fabrics reside in the same space quite comfortably.

then you start to notice the art ... and remember that you are in the home of an artist.  One who paints with a passion.

The entry hall ... all her art!  You all know I love a good Gallery Wall ... this Gallery HALL is more than I could hope for!

Step with me out onto large patio ... because they are only 5 stories high, they truly "sit" among the trees here.  And look at the views.  This was taken on a dreary winter day ... imagine how this space will come alive in the spring and summer.

I never understood those who studied "Art History" in college ... now I do ... I think it is time to head back to school. Until then, I absorb all I can from those who are willing to share!

Happy Monday, get to know the artist and enjoy the art!



p.s. A big shout out and thank you to Emily Clark for featuring our "One Room Challenge" on her blog last week ... We had a lot of fun with the challenge and she loved our work!!  Thank you Emily!