Word of Thanks ...

What a wonderful year it has been and I feel tremendously blessed by the friendships and support this blog has given to me.

Personally and  professionally.  You have pushed me in my DIY skills! My design aesthetic, looking both to those younger and those more experienced than me, a constant reminder of the talent out there and that I have so much still to learn and experience.

Friendships that have developed through a beautiful world of design and blogging.
I raise a toast to all of you this Thanksgiving.

And my sincere hope that I have brought some inspiration to you.

And to remember as we live in this virtual world, that it is the health and love of our family and our friendships that are the real blessings.

I invite you all, anytime, to my table of thanks and celebration.
Your visits, in person, or virtually make my day!

 I look forward with delight to another year with you all ... 

As I strive to pursue my vision ...

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.

See you all on Monday ... Peace and love and joy to all of you!



Prepping for Thanks ...

As I know all of you were doing the same thing.  I will not belabor the point.  
The weekend was about getting read for Thanksgiving.
And I am not talking about Grocery Shopping.  I am doing that this morning!

Because of our Move, we decided to decorate for Thanksgiving as well as Christmas.  I normally won't bring in Christmas until the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving.  I made a choice this year to let that be okay. I want this season of Thanks and Blessings to be long, as we have been blessed and are Thankful for the past 7 years in our home at Farm Road.
Yes, we are looking forward to our next Chapter.
But the life, love and laughter that happened here is special.
And I want it to resonate with our children.

 Some Sneak Peeks at the process.
Chevron Table Runner left over from the Illusion.
Antler Ornaments from Walmart. Yep.  Walmart. $1.97. Thank You Very Much!
I considered Spray Painting Them.  I voted for A Natural Feeling.
Birch Logs.  From The New Hampshire State Tree.
Erin even commented ..." I know you are all about the Natural thing with Gold and all", but maybe you should bring in some Navy.  
I do love her, You know I do.
But ... No.

 Grocery Shopping this morning.  We will be Biscotti Making, Thanksgiving Prepping, House Warming, and Packing this week!

Making The World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Creepin' in ...

the holidays that is!!

And I know I am not thinking straight ... but I'd love to do Thanksgiving outside.  Something about it seems like a perfect way to celebrate our family.


Yes, I live in New England ... I didn't say I was actually going to be able to make this happen! 

 I also need a large tree to hang lanterns.
A girl can dream ... yes?
Like this ... I have no idea how we'd look or feel tromping out to the field for our meal and then the clean up would suck.  But seriously ... if you could just sit here for a couple of hours and there could be someone filling wine glasses and sweeping away all the aftermath ... 

I think you would like it too!

I am beginning to think about how we are going to handle it this year ... the kids are getting bigger and I love having us all at one table.  We seem to be out of the "kid table" age.
I am still trying to figure out the best seating ... I have brought up tables and put them together to create on large one.  It works ... but this is the time of year I wish I had an enormous dining room to house about 20 comfortably.  

Are you starting to think about this?  How do you handle everyone?  Needing some creative inspiration!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.