Photo Shoot!

Yesterday was photo shoot time of one of my favorite rooms of 2012!

I chatted about this room and how it began.  The vision of my client was "casual elegance" for her Study.  This room IS casually elegant ... she is in here every single day and it welcomes the rest of the family just as easily.  

All the while ... looking Elegant!  

Real photos have been taken and will be up on my website soon ... in the meantime ... here is a little tease!  

My favorite Garden Stool from Scott's Antique Market!  

I hope you enjoyed the 'tease' ... and cannot wait for you to see the Real Deal very soon!!



The French Bedroom ...

Are you a "I want it now, I'll buy it on the internet!" kind of person ... OR ... are you a "I like to enjoy the hunt and put the pieces together slowly" kind of person?

Well .. you can get this look no matter what type you are!

For the one stop shopper, you are in luck ... The French Bedroom Company out of the UK has gorgeous pieces at an excellent price point!

And here's the thing ... you can toss in a little "glam" or fun with a fuschia velvet chair 
Or a Zebra rug ... No one ever said a French Bedroom had to be stuffy!

If you are like me (which is not always rational) and you like the hunt ... you can pick up individual pieces at the Flea and Antique Markets across the Country. My two favorites are Brimfield in Massachusetts and Scott's in Atlanta ... here's what I have found while out and about ... 

So whether you decide to take the One Stop method or engage in the Hunt ... The French Bedroom is easier than you thought ... N'est-ce-pas?



Evolution of a Bedroom

Sometimes I wish I had an unlimited budget!  Just to empty a room and start all over!  But ... I don't, I work with what I have and make it the best I can.  Lesson here, don't buy anything you don't absolutely LOVE, because you could be stuck with it for a very long time!!!

At home, my rooms truly tend to evolve.  Maybe because I see so many beautiful things in design every day, I just can't commit at home!  So here is the evolution of our master bedroom.


This is our "just moved in" look! The room is long and narrow and this is just a little boooorrring!!

A couple of things happened along the way to making this better!  One little thing that worked in my favor was that we had to put new siding on our house!!  Yes, that was music to my ears ... because then I could add some windows since we were already tearing up the outside of the house!

Now, a little "chandy" would be perfect!!  My hunt began.  I couldn't wait to go visit my Mother and Daddy in Atlanta and Erin at Auburn ... what a great excuse to go to Scott's Antique Market!!  It took me no time to hone in on this one!!  The lines are graceful, but not too feminine.  It is from the late 1800's ... and mostly, I loved it.  Now to get this thing from Atlanta to Boston.  Luckily for me, my cousin Catherine and I ship things back and forth all the time.  I think we keep federal express in business!!  I knew she would help!

I like to think I am pretty "eclectic" in the design style in our home.  But I must admit, I tend to lean toward the traditional.  Even so, I like a little playfulness, so I was ecstatic when I found these candle sleeves, I had no idea that they could be so fun!

Playful and fun ... but don't detract from the beauty!


With two new sources of light, the chandelier and new windows, we have more light and a little more interest!  I am still waiting for my upholstered headboard ... soon!

You can find more of these candle sleeves at ... you should check them out, great fun!  Don't you have a lamp or chandelier that needs a little "shaking up"??