Happy Monday ... what a weekend it was!  Hope you had a great one ... 

Today, I am working on the Solarium!  I have interviews with two "muralists" this week so I have been going through sites to find the look WE (my Client!) wants!

I found ... Gracie!

And the Hallelujah Chorus sang in my head when I found this one!

Don't you love it when your stumbling actually turns up a Winner!!  I believe it is called RESEARCH!!  Will keep you posted on the interviews and what I find!  Do you know any great muralists?

I am still on the Hunt!



The Painted Home

Design Coffee Table Books are always on my Christmas 

 ... And this one was under the Tree!

I think it's the January doldrums and lack of color outside that is making me soak up the SUN through the pages of this "Painted Home!"

These Apple Green Leather Chairs and gilt bamboo stool give me just the lift I need!

Dena shares her home in the pages of this beautiful book.  The love for her home comes through with all of the cozy spaces and her flair for color and pattern! 

I didn't know Dena before I got this book ... evidently she's quite a Hot Ticket (as my MIL would say)!
And I applaud!!

And This Romantic Dinner for Two or Four can be created in a heartbeat ... this is why I love "moveable" furniture!  Dining Room by Night ... 

Sitting area by Day!

I am working with a new client right now on a beautiful Sun Filled Room.  I have named it The Solarium.  She is game and I am investigating Painting the Walls ... in a Mural Fashion ... I love it when my clients' are All IN!!

What are you GAME for this week?  Well ... I hope you Bring it!