The Need for Custom!

Last week on the One Room Challenge ... from here on referred to as ORC ... I mentioned that I would have a week of posts on custom furniture.  

You asked, so here it is!

As a designer and as a shopper, I am increasingly frustrated by the fact I can't find what I need in the right size or shape.  It is like when you are in need of a plain white t-shirt.  Have you ever been able to just find it?  So.. I build it.

Today we are taking a look at a custom headboard and armoire I did ( I love saying I DID this ... really I have the resources to GET it Done!) for a teenage boy's room.

Lucky boy got some fabulous furniture ... 

The room isn't really "styled" ... the family was on vacation last week when I went to snap photos and "boy" was staying at a friend's house ... I just asked him to please run by and make his bed!!

He did a pretty okay job ... wouldn't you say?

Yes, you can find armoires everywhere ... but can you find one 84" tall and 48" wide made from re-claimed pine?  And solid, no veneers, and the shelves where you want them, and the exact amount of drawers?

And the cool, chunky hardware that suits the "boy's" taste?

And a headboard to fit the Queen - Extra Long mattress, because "boy" is TALL?

And then of course we threw in some Industrial Deer chicness!!

Calling it "custom" seems to scare some people ... Don't be scared ... venture in and you will find that you can get EXACTLY what you want !

Are you ready to go custom? I'll be bringing you more tomorrow ... 



Ahhh ... Brimfield

Three times a year Brimfield Antique Fair grabs my attention ... I cannot always make it, but will try to move mountains of sports activities, etc. to get to it!  My favorite day is Friday, what I consider the best because all of the fields are open ... although if I had the time I would do Thursday AND Friday.  I never really have that opportunity!!  This year I made it on Saturday ... I'll be sharing several things this week ... it was a great feast for my eyes.

The Restoration Hardware Industrial Look has really sparked some interesting new displays and things for sale at Brimfield.

Old bright colored bikes have a new fan base ... they were everywhere!

Bouys are fun and colorful ... but it was the massive pile of them that made them special!

Stacks of metal crates

We met a gentleman who fashions lights out of old industrial fans and strapping

Gears ... kind of weird, but pretty at the same time all in a heap.  I guess you could by the whole mess of them!

Great lighting for a loft or beach house.

It struck me this year how the antique fairs are becoming more commercial.  Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but it changes the face of the hunt.  Because of shows like American Pickers, Antique Roadshow, etc.,  these places are becoming more mainstream and popular.  Kind of nice for the dealers, they probably sell more.  But I kind of miss the days that they were a little more of a secret source and there were interesting finds ... and by the way, the prices are up too!!

All that said, I still love it and now it makes me look deeper so that I am not buying things you can find at the big box stores but trying to move in my own direction!  I still like to keep it fresh!

I didn't bring home a big haul like I did last year ... but a few fun finds that I will share with you as we move through Brimfield this week!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!!