Custom Saturday

I am visiting my precious friends at a lake outside of Birmingham, Alabama ... and when I awoke yesterday ... LONG before anyone else, I didn't have the access code to the WiFi!

So I didn't get to finish up my One Week of Custom ... so here you go with a little Saturday treat!  I am all dialed in now!

I have been showing a lot of larger furniture ... Beds, Tables, etc.  Now ... one of my favorite "little" pieces.  Note that some of the custom came about due to size restrictions or finishes.  This one just happened because we love it!

You will be getting to see more of this room in the coming weeks ... Window treatments are being made right now ... so just enjoy the beauty of this little piece!

Enjoy your weekend ... see you on Monday!



Nantucket ... you guessed it ...


Some of you may remember these photos ... I blogged about them here.  I am going to divulge something very personal here ... seriously!!

Many of you know that Don and I brought our four children together when we married 8 years ago.  And you also know he is the love of my life and the minute we brought this crazy family together I KNEW I was where I was supposed to be and we have had a fabulous ride! ... it is still going by the way!

So ... the other thing is that his ex wife, Lord I hope she is not reading this ... but if she is she knows what I am saying is true!  I actually refer to her as "my" ex because she and I deal with everything.  Don travels so much and honestly we found him to just complicate things more ... he was trying to please us both ...  Ha, he had no chance!  So ... back to my story ... "my" ex bought a fabulous new home on Nantucket.

She does her thing and I do mine ... and she appreciated my furniture so when she decided to to furnish it ... yep ... she came to me!!  We designed the furniture and used good Ol' Ben Moore to help us with colors ... and off the stuff shipped to the Island.  Now, I have not visited the furniture in it's new home ... that would be a little creepy!

Here are a few of the pieces lined up in the warehouse getting ready to ship!

So there you have it ... we all do very nicely here with all these extra people in our lives ... and my goal is to make everyone's life just a little bit prettier, one room at a time ... no matter who they are!!

Go out and Custom make something beautiful ... just to say you did!!



Custom for ORC! Week FOUR

Welcome back to ORC!  If you are new to our challenge and want to start at the beginning, click HERE and you can see what we've been up to!

Now here's what's going on ...

These wonderful New England Colonial Homes that were built in the 60's and 70's ... that we love ... have  low ceilings and NO mudrooms.

This brings on a big DUMP of things when kids, husbands ... and yes, even me!  ... walk in the door.

For our Keeping Room we wanted to address this clutter thing with some personality, function and BEAUTY!

Our Custom ... portable ... MUDROOM!!

Okay ... I know the baskets are ASKEW!!  They USE this piece every minute of the day ... so please, no judging!!

And the Ceiling ... remember the inspiration rooms ?  I wanted to paint these beams so badly ... so did SHE ... we sampled a few ... we got stopped by her husband.  I hate to admit this ... but HE was RIGHT!!!

So ... I have to say the past couple of weeks have been a little boring and we put together the neutral basics of this new room ... well stay tuned PLEASE ... because next week ... We Bring on the BLING baby!



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