Guest Room. Girls Room.

Well ... #ProjectDownSize probably happened about 2 years to early.  Have I told you about this? Hmmm.  Erin was in college, Callie started college and Christopher was going to be a Senior in High School.  Only Sammy really left here full time.  Perfect timing don't you think? Well ...

No.  So Erin came home ... thankfully she is employed ... but at home, Callie comes and goes with college breaks and Christopher is a senior.  I got a lot of flack about closet space.  Too bad was my response.  Glad to have you all home, just be grateful and be quiet!!  And truth be told, we are now in our house for a year and everyone has adjusted.  Like really, we are close, but comfortable and they all worked out their issues.  Something to be said for a smaller house!!

This page torn out of a magazine has been on my inspiration board for years (I am sorry I have no idea who to credit).  It makes me smile.  But you all know me ... I need a little more color in this scenario.

I am dreaming of a guest room!  We have NEVER had a guest room, too many children!  And, please ... I love my children, but sometimes their design desires are far different from mine.  I found a toile at an antique shop in town and jumped on it.  

The photo is a little strong ... it is really a beautiful mint and coral color combo that is soothing and just enough color for me to be able to pull off the neutral thing.  Understand?

I had no idea what I would do with it ... but it spoke to me.  It is the anchor of my new guest room.  By the way ... I still have two children in this room.  Still doing it!

I am working out the details because toile could be a little stuffy.  That is not me ... I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I will share as I move along!

Happy Weekend.  Make it good ... Prospects of a Nor'easter this weekend.  Yup.  Not digging it!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.