Saturday Scheming. Holiday Style.

Creating a plan for a room, a house or a little corner all begins for me with Fabric.  It is the cornerstone of a visual Story for my clients.

Many cases, like this Kim Parker for Clarke & Clarke floral, my bold inspiration that takes center stage in a visual,  most likely will just play a supporting role in the final room.  It defines the course of the space.

This mix appears bold at first, but take away the floral and you will see it is really rather quiet.  

Christmas reds and greens will always be my favorite, but there is something so fun and fresh about jewel tones at Christmas.  I'll think of them as the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh that I am bringing to the celebration.

Now I really must go buy a tree!!  Happy Saturday!


Saturday Scheming.

A Boston SouthEnd Artist Loft needs a plan.

Here's how we see it coming down. Neutral Base ... and pops of this ...

Romo linen stripes paired with a Retro Feel raised velvet from Duralee.

Add a dash of texture with Faux Bois from Thibaut.

Watercolor Freshness from Kasmir, Duralee and Lindsay Cowles.

Warm Wood and Fresh greens to be added.

Backed with classics from Samuel & Sons, Kravet and Thibaut.

Artistic Heaven.