Junior League of Boston ShowHouse. Chinoiserie Chic.

So Sadly, The Junior League of Boston's Showhouse closed this past weekend.  I hope you had the opportunity to visit ... so much goodness in ONE house! 

Emily O'Brien, 3 Olives and a Twist and I have been dishing about our favorite rooms and I still have one more to show you ... 

Chinoiserie Chic goes Young At Heart in this young girls' bedroom by Elizabeth Benedict.  I love the pops of pink (have you noticed all the pink in the house?) yet far, far from the bubble gum pink of many a little girl's room I have stepped into.  This Pink is sophisticated and the balance of the blues and greens allow for growth.

The little bedside tables and lamps have staying power!  Another nod to all the important detail shown in this year's house ... the strip of trim and nailheads take this bed from basic to fabulous!

My kids tease me because we have 3 working fireplaces in our home and they are all decorated!  I am a little tired of hauling wood and I love that Elizabeth created a little Palm art in hers!  This year it seems I have been talking ALOT to my clients about rugs.  The size of rugs and the pattern.  Elizabeth's room is a grand example of a fun punch of pattern and color that takes up most of the floor space grounding the room and making it feel bigger and cozier at the same time.  And if you look very closely you can see the fretwork wallpaper on the ceiling! Bravo Elizabeth!!

Love this Elizabeth!  Here's hoping when I show this to my youngest, she might consider getting her mattress of the floor.  She's in the Boho faze!

Thanks for following along as we did our best to share what is happening in Boston Design.  Fresh, Colorful, Sophisticated ... and FUN!  When you are looking at your own spaces remember to have fun ... I promise it will make you happy!!


Creating a Room ... Rug (s) Part Two.

If you've been reading this blog it comes as no surprise that I like to Layer.

Rugs provide the perfect Layering opportunity and I am going big.  Last week I chatted about the size of area rugs for your room.  Big is Better.  In a rug situation, minimalism just doesn't work!

I chose a rug to be the backdrop of our Orange Leather Chair.  And it was too small.  In comes the way to fix it ... and one of my favorite things.

Layering ... with a cut and bound rug.  

While you can order a standard square or rectangle jute or sisal rug to anchor another rug ... if you are working around a fireplace or built-ins ... do yourself a favor and go ahead and have it cut and bound on premises.  It makes Custom ... Custom. 

There is a rule of thumb to go with a 10" - 12" edge of the hardwood flooring around the edge of the room.  Truthfully, this is a "feel" part for me.  If we had gone 12" there would have been a very small difference around the fireplace hearth. We chose 8" so that there was a definite difference.

And the distance from the hearth is much smaller ... as you can see ... we let the wood floor trim be our guide.

A view from the edge.  Another layer.

Here is a little sneak peek of the color and layering coming to life ... 

Chairs ... Navy Love ... Done.

Rug ... Layered ... Done.

Avacado Green ... Making a Statement ... Done.

The room feels larger, warmer and completely and happily layered!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.