Starting Fresh.

2016 was full of changes and 2017 is setting itself up to continue that trend.  Both in my personal life and in my design.  As you most know, I am a traditionalist at heart ... but love keeping it fresh and bold with color and pattern.  As anyone would, who is exposed to more and more design styles on an hourly basis, I have found myself loving the clean crisp feel of modern spaces.  Last year I had the opportunity to work with a client who was eager to "clean" out, minimalize and create a little drama in his home, a 1950's ranch where he grew up as one of 6 children.  He kept the house after his parents passed away and very little changed over the years.  It was time to re-imagine the space! 

The plan was to bring a little "urban" edge to this suburban home ... And it all started with this charcoal drawing ...

Last February KMI moved into a warehouse studio space and not only did it allow me a true design space, it introduced me to some new creatives!  One in particular, an artist Mary Spencer. She did this fantastic charcoal which became the inspiration for my client's living room.  I am so in awe of the local artists I have met, and try to include their work wherever I can.  

We kept some of the original pieces of furniture, reupholstered them and then brought in fresh modern pops and art to create a new feel for the home.

My client's hobby (serious hobby!) is photography.  I loved his collection of photos, this particular collection had an "edge" that I thought mixed in well with the vibe we were going for!  

It makes my day when clients allow me to use their items and mix with new ... and this large piece of art balances the gallery wall across the room.

One of the most fun aspects of my job is working with different personalities and being able to make their vision come to life.  I learn so much every day from my clients. 

"You'll never know everything about anything, ESPECIALLY something you love."

Julia Child

All photographs by Emily O'Brien Photography


Saturday Scheming.

In another response to the Pantone Color of the Year #Greenery.  Mixed with other elements it can tell a magnificent #ColorStory.  I hope you enjoy this one!


Linen and Velvet

Modern and Classic

Floral Inspiration

We are enjoying a little snow this morning in New England. Even though I am really nowhere ready for Christmas, the snow has a way of calming things down and taking the pressure off.  Oh how I love that! Hope you are in a place of peace today!


Saturday Scheming. Holiday Style.

Creating a plan for a room, a house or a little corner all begins for me with Fabric.  It is the cornerstone of a visual Story for my clients.

Many cases, like this Kim Parker for Clarke & Clarke floral, my bold inspiration that takes center stage in a visual,  most likely will just play a supporting role in the final room.  It defines the course of the space.

This mix appears bold at first, but take away the floral and you will see it is really rather quiet.  

Christmas reds and greens will always be my favorite, but there is something so fun and fresh about jewel tones at Christmas.  I'll think of them as the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh that I am bringing to the celebration.

Now I really must go buy a tree!!  Happy Saturday!