KBIS BlogTour 2017. Part Six. Wilsonart.

Last but not least Wilsonart wraps up my official KBIS BlogTour Recap.  Wilsonart's #MaterialMixology really is a mix in new and innovative surfaces that will rock your opinion of "laminate".  

Wilsonart is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Laminate, Quartz and other engineered surfaces.  Being able to really touch and see the possibilities of these engineered surfaces gave me a whole new view on the products.

Laminate is not a "one look" kind of player.  With the trend of kitchens and baths leaning more sleek and contemporary, I love the finish options and Wilsonart nailed it with this bathroom.  

And for the traditionalist, classic look, who wouldn't want to do laundry here? This is the Artfully Repurposed Wood collection and it looks dynamite.  My photo from the show does not do it justice!

WilsonArt's commitment to CLEAN and sustainability, they have a Antimicrobial Protection built into the laminate to protect the surfaces against damaging microbes.  They protect the surface from the growth of mold and mildew that cause orders when used for countertops and work surfaces.  And Sustainability and environmental responsibility has been a part of WilsonArt's culture and success for over fifty years.

The arrival of more and more beautiful Quartz options is starting to infiltrate the Granite only diehards.  I will tell you ... I love them both and end up working with my client to choose the look and feel they want to achieve.  As a rule .... a VERY LOOSE RULE ... my more traditional clients choose granite, my more modern-contemporary clients choose quartz.  However I am starting to use Quartz in bathrooms more and more, no matter the client!  A quick Granite v. Quartz article from HGTV here. One major upside to Quartz, it is non-porous, meaning less bacteria left behind when you are cleaning.

Don't turn your nose up next time someone mentions "solid surface" for your kitchen and bath countertops!  Wilsonart has given me a new attitude!  It is definitely all about #materialmixology!


KBIS BlogTour 2017. Part Five. Thermador.

Today is Part Five of my Six posts in follow up to KBIS 2017 ... the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.  This show might have changed my life!!  The technology that continues to bring the consumer an end result of ease and organization to make even the most "non-cook" that would be me!  Want to give it a whirl!  

Thermador has been synonymous with revolutionary breakthroughts in kitchen appliances since 1916. They state that their passion for everything culinary "ignites" the flame of imagination and transcends the ordinary.  Exceptional performance and design in cooking and entertaining for REAL cooks!  So maybe I could become a REAL cook if I had this!

The Star Burner's unique shape isn't just for show, it creates a larger cooking perimeter allowing for more flame ports.  The result is a stove burner that delivers superior flame spread and a reduced cold spot for faster and more even heating across any size pan.  And it still makes a nice 'show'!

So while I am not the cook in the family ... I do love the entertaining aspect and this new Star Sapphire dishwasher is not only beautiful, it is a workhorse for the entertainer.  A top drawer designed for serving utensils, you know the awkward ones that you are always trying to shove in behind glasses?  well no more, they have their own shelf and underneath the ability to hold 18 wine glasses.  EIGHTEEN!  This dishwasher will even change its' lighting for you ... from sapphire blue to white. All depending on your mood!

Thermador is a relatively new appliance for me ... I had heard the name, but until KBIS I didn't understand what all they offer.  They have figured out what the real cook, the 'get the food on the table cook' (me!) and the entertainer all want in a kitchen.  And after all isn't that basically all of us on a day to day basis?

Thank you Thermador!  And KBIS 2017!  


KBIS BlogTour 2017. Part Four. Wellborn Cabinetry.

Just like so many things in design today, there are definitely trends, and still the beautiful classics, but the rules of right or wrong are gone.  Thank goodness.  There is a style for every personality and I love that!  

So much room for your personality that Wellborn has a "you draw it" program which really allows you to be creative!   Several pieces in the design below were through this program, like the sinkbase and the hood which was designed to "fade in" to the wall and not be the focal point!

Wellborn kitchen and bath cabinets provide such a wonderful array of styles and features. Available in cherry, character cherry, maple, character maple, oak and hickory hardwoods as well as Thermofoil, MDF and Laminate. This variety of cabinet material, combined with a broad palette of finishes and vast array of door styles allows you to choose cabinets that reflect your style and your personality while meeting your unique storage needs.

"Aspire"launched at the 2017 show and will be available this Spring.  Aspire is a full access 'frameless' line.  Transitional style continues to command the market, but contemporary is definitely growing.  The frameless cabinets are distinctive of a modern and contemporary style and appeal to the sleek, minimalist look.

Following along with what I believe is the biggest "trend" takeaway from KBIS 2017 is CLEAN. 

Kitchen designs are incorporating shelving and drawer organizers that can change even the most disorganized into a highly efficient kitchen.  The features of "touch to open" and 'touch to light" on all of their cabinet lines just emphasizes how they have focused on everything to make the cooking and cleaning experience simple.

Color wasn't absent here either.  Yes, I still and always will love a white kitchen, but I cannot deny how much fun and cheerful all the color make a kitchen shine!

Thank you Wellborn for keeping our kitchens working for us the consumer, not the other way around!  I "aspire" to have one of your kitchens some day!!