Red. Stop One on the Rainbow.


The Color of Love.  No wonder Red is the first color of the Rainbow.  Evoking emotions of passion, willpower, sexuality ... and also rage, anger and aggression.  Red is emotionally intense ... in one direction or the other! 

I tend to want to change room colors alot because I love the experiment in it all ... but if you find yourself really looking to change a color in your home, listen carefully to yourself.  You may need a mood change.  The Red Room above was one of my favorites and was such a comforting and cozy room to retire to each evening.  However, some people under alot of stress or easily agitated may not find this same solace.  Each stage in our lives bring different emotional needs.  Do you ever wonder why little girls LOVE pink rooms and then as they approach their tween age they want something different. It is not just because they are fickle!!  At that age, generally, emotions run high and Pink begins to become a little irritating and no longer happy and restful. 


Balance is also key ... this room is completely wrapped in Red, but the furnishings are neutral and full of texture.   Gold on the ceiling brings warmth, evoking the feel of sunshine and sheer JOY!

So next time you want to change a color of a room, ask yourself not only the "use" of the room, but how do you want it to make you "feel".  And don't be surprised if this changes over time!

Design is not just about making beautiful spaces ... more importantly it is about creating a "well" space for you and your family for health and happiness.



Happy Thanksgiving my sweet friends!  I hope you are safe and warm and feeling wrapped in love this wonderful day.  I find today the perfect opportunity to say how thankful I am for all of my clients who let me live my dream every day.  And the reality of what design is truly about.  Bringing happiness Home.

An old (not in age!) client calls to say her daughter is getting married and she wants the bridesmaids' to dress and have photos in her dining room ... and it needs updating!

Just a little look at where we started .... 

And how it looks today ... just as happy as the amazing smile of a Father as he beams with love at the first sight of his daughter in her wedding dress!

New drapes, new chandelier, new fabric on the dining chairs ... lightening up the mood!

Oh ... and they needed a few added dining chairs ... and I happened to find these at an estate sale ... a little serendipity never hurts the cause!  I found 4 and while they were a different height than their chairs, they had the same top treatment.  Matching fabric upholstery and their new set feels wonderful and updated!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

All of these beautiful photos by Brit Perkins Photography


#Intuitive #Vibrant #Collected

The big trend right now in design is finding #hashtags to describe your work ... you ... your "look" ... so for about two weeks I chatted with my family, my close friends, the dogs (because sometimes they can just give you the look of good .... or no good!) and then I reached out to my web designer and asked him what three words he thought I should choose. 

As a genius marketing officianado  ... he prepared a questionnaire for me to send out to my clients, friends and design colleagues.  I chose 30.  This is baring your soul kind of stuff.  I know what "I" think I am, or what my look is, but how do others perceive me.

It was anonymous.  Seriously.  I had no idea who answered what ... except the few who chose their own projects as their favorites and that made me laugh ... with Joy.

And here's what they  (you) said.

Intuitive. - Adjective.  Using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.

Vibrant - Adjective.  Full of energy and enthusiasm.

Collected - Adjective. (of a person) not perturbed or distracted ... (of individual works) brought together in one volume or edition.

I have never liked labels.  I also have vowed to "never say never" because as soon as you do you will wish you hadn't.  And that has how I have always thought about my design style.  No labels.  I will do what my client wants or needs me to do to create the life they want to live.  And these words, that you chose,  allowed me a "label" with freedom. 

Intuitive -- I will meet you at your design desire.

Vibrant - I do love color, but energy and enthusiasm are not solely related to color.

Collected - I like to bring in design elements that have meaning and feel special.  Even in chaos, which is sometimes where I work, I want to leave with a feeling of composure.  For both me and my client.

#Intuitive #Vibrant #Collected